Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0+: POVERTY AND SOCIAL ISSUES ( Part 2)

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(C) Now use the phrases in Column A of (B) above to fill the gaps in the following sentences. You may need to change the form, tense, word order or phrase structure slightly.

  1. Those _____________ have few if any friends and lack the means, faculties or desire to make a meaningful contribution to the community; they are utterly alone and despondent.
  2. Few of us however well-intentioned would be prepared to welcome someone in off the streets and into our home for fear they would _____________ if we let our guard down and took our eyes off them for even a moment.
  3. He was pulled in by the police for _____________, but the reality is that he was simply and innocently passing the time watching the passers-by go about their daily business.
  4. She was _____________ and her once glamorous life was in pieces; she held little hope of finding a way back to her glory days.
  5. She was forced to go _____________ to earn enough money to support her abusive husband’s drug addiction.

(D) Match the word in Column A with its strongest collocate from Column B.

Column A      AnswerColumn B      
(a) domestic

(b) chequered

(c) kerb

(d) illicit

(e) soup

(f) black

(g) sleeping

(h) people

(i) substance

(j) parental

(k) emotional

 (i) history

(ii) scars

(iii) violence

(iv) guidance

(v) market

(vi) kitchens

(vii) trafficking

(viii) abuse

(ix) drugs

(x) rough

(xi) crawling

(E) Now use the answers from (D) above to fill the gaps in the following sentences. Use each collocation once only.

  1. He has a history of ___________ and I would regard him as a loose canon with the potential to explode again at any given point in time without warning. It is tragic that he has been thrown out onto the streets but his ___________ as both a parent and a father moderate the level of sympathy I have for him somewhat.
  2. She has severe ___________ from her time under the guardianship of her foster parents, who, it later turned out, were serious dealers in ___________ and psychologically unstable themselves. This girl was let down badly by the system.
  3. She is lacking ___________ and the absence of a role model and authority figure in her life has made her especially susceptible to suggestion; it is hardly surprising that she had been led astray by the group of troubled youths she fell in with while ___________ .
  4. ___________ is rife amongst the homeless; you only have to look at the huge queues of people lining up outside the methadone clinic each day to tell you that. You’d seldom observe as big a queue outside the ___________, ironically.
  5. Those who engage in ___________ must realise that they are endangering the women they pick up and that their money simply lines the pockets of pimps involved in a seedy network of ___________ which stretches across the whole of Europe not to mention shady dealings in the ___________.



  1. on the margins (of society)
  2. run amok
  3. loitering with intent
  4. down-and-out
  5. on the game


a iii      b. i       c. xi     d. ix     e. vi     f. v

g x       h. vii    i. viii    j. iv      k. ii


  1. domestic violence/ chequered history
  2. emotional scars/illicit drugs
  3. parental guidance/sleeping rough
  4. Substance abuse/soup kitchen
  5. kerb crawling/people trafficking/black market

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