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Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS 7.0 +: THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY AND THE MASS MEDIA – Practice Exercises and Answer Key 


Marketing and Advertising

(a) Identify the verb-noun collocations by matching the verbs in Column 4 to the phrase-endings in Column B.

Column A Answer Column B
(a) drum

(b) plug

(c) launch


(e) catch

(f) corner

(g) create

(h) issue

(i) reinvent

(j) carry out

(k) generate

  (i) a marketing campaign

(ii) up interest

(iii) brand awareness

(iv) a niche

(v) a product

(vi) the viewer’s attention

(vii) a press release

(viii) the market

(ix) market research

(x) your brand

(xi) goodwill

(b) Match each word/phrase in Column A to the correct definition in Column B.

Column A Answer Column B
(a) cold calling

(b) mass marketing

(c) subliminal messages

(d) negative publicity

(e) generic advertising (f) prime time

(g) brand recognition

(h) the classifieds

(i) the watershed

(j) billboard / hoarding

(k) jingle

(l) logo

(m) slogan/ catchphrase

(n) focus group

  (i) the point in time in the day after which adult-content programmes can be aired

(ii) the period of the day when the most viewers/ listeners are tuning in

(iii) public exposure of your brand or company that is harmful

(iv) ringing someone on the telephone without invitation to

(v) targeting the whole market in your advertising campaign

(vi) information delivered to your subconscious

(vii) promoting not a single brand but a category or class of product

(viii) the specific pages of a newspaper or magazine arranged in categories that feature advertisements and jobs

(ix) how well your brand is known in the target market and beyond

(x) a short catchy tune or song used in a commercial

(xi) a well-known phrase associated with an ad / person

(xii) a selection of people brought together whose responses to certain things are studied in the hope that this will give an insight into general market feeling

(xiii) a symbol or design that identifies a product

(xiv) a large outdoor advertising sign

(c) Use a selection of the words/phrases in Column A above to complete sentences 1-12 below. You will not need to use all the words/phrases in Column A, and you should not use any word/phrase more than once.

  1. I found a job that might be of interest to you in ___________ under ‘Teaching Posts’.
  2. They allow graphic imagery like that to be shown after ___________ .
  3. The ___________ has become a product in its own right; so catchy is it that it has entered the Billboard Top 100.
  4. MacDonald’s scores very highly in the ___________ stakes; it is one of the best-known in existence.
  5. ___________ advertising slots are always more expensive on account of the number of people tuning in.
  6. I think companies that engage in___________ are doing themselves more harm than good; after all, who wants to have to answer the phone to unsolicited callers?
  7. The ___________ gave us surprising feedback which may prompt us to rethink our market-entry strategy and product positioning.
  8. The Irish Tourism Board has begun a €20-million ___________ campaign on behalf of the hospitality industry.
  9. The unpopular artist craved attention, but not the type of ___________ she got when it was revealed that she was a tax dodger.
  10. Their ___________ has undergone a redesign to make it more distinctive and memorable to behold.
  11. It is claimed that the new army ad campaign is sending ___________ to young people encouraging them to join up.
  12. The ___________ became so well-known that even now, ten years on, it is more strongly associated with the brand than anything they’ve used since. As a result, they are considering using it again as the caption for some of their printed adverts.


Marketing and Advertising


a ii       b. v      c. i       d. iv     e. vi     f. viii

g iii      h. vii    i. x       j. ix      k. xi


a iv      b. v      c. vi     d. iii     e. vii    f. ii       g. ix

h viii    i. i        j. xiv    k. x      l. xiii    m. xi    n. xii


1 the classifieds 2. the watershed 3. jingle

4 brand recognition 5. Prime time 6. cold calling

7 focus group 8. generic advertising 9. negative publicity

10 logo  11. subliminal messages 12. slogan

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