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Hollywood and the Film Industry

(a) Match the words in Column A with their strongest collocates in Column B.

Column A      Answer Column B      
(a) feature

(b) release

(c) movie

(d) final

(e) general

(f) ensemble

(g) red

(h) opening

(i) critical

(j) tour de force

(k) leading

(i) premiere

(ii) cut

(iii) reception

(iv) cast

(v) release

(vi) performance

(vii) lady

(viii) night

(ix) carpet

(x) date

(xi) film

 (b) Use the collocations above to fill the gaps in the paragraph below.

His latest 1.______________ is going to have its 2. ______________ at the Cannes Festival before going on 3. ______________ on April 31st . The Cannes’ screening is sure to be the most anticipated 4. ______________ of the year to date. But with the general 5. ______________ almost upon us, fans of the book franchise on which the movie is loosely based will soon have their patience rewarded. The film features an 6. ______________ which includes Brad Pinter, and, of course, Tilly Scoresty as the 7. ______________. The 8. ______________ will matter little in truth because fans will flock to the cinema in their droves, but, at any rate, nothing less than a 9. ______________ is expected from Tilly if she is on form. Tilly will be out on the 10. ______________ with the rest of the cast at Cannes on Thursday night – and she’ll have to stick around a good while longer than normal if the rumours about the length of the 11. ______________ of the movie turn out to be true.

(c) Use the words from the box below to complete sentences 1 – 20. Use each word once only.

screen test       stock                plot                              sequel              mainstream

screenplay       protagonist      running time                cliffhanger       anticlimactic

remake             flop                  post-production           tearjerker         typecast

chemistry         adaptation       extra                            swashbuckler   method

  1. The __________ went well in so far as she could tell, but then, for some reason, she didn’t get the part; perhaps she just wasn’t right for the role.
  2. With a __________ of over three hours, the movie tends to drag out a bit in places.
  3. The film was heavily edited in __________ and this led to a major falling-out between Mark Summers, whose part was practically erased, and John Eldorf, the director.
  4. He began his career as a movie __________ in the film Monk Blood, where he was spotted by a talent scout and signed up to one of the big agencies.
  5. The __________ was not met with the universal praise which greeted the first installment in this movie franchise.
  6. He is a __________ actor, and he likes to be ‘in character’ throughout the entire filming process, which those around him find infuriating at times.
  7. You risk being __________ if you continue to play the role of the villain in all your movies.
  8. The ending was rather __________ considering the fact that the film had been so intense throughout.
  9. He turned his back on the __________ studios to set up his own small independent production company.
  10. This is a classic __________which leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation until the big reveal at the very end, and looking forward to what’s to come in the next installment in the series.
  11. It was a right __________ ; even Mark was getting emotional.
  12. I would describe it as an all-action __________ ; it is non-stop from start to finish and the level of intensity never drops.
  13. Apart from some obvious __________ holes, it was a decent enough movie and watching it was a most enjoyable way to spend the evening.
  14. The screen __________ of the book did not live up to expectations. Fans were left very disappointed.
  15. Despite a very positive reception from the critics, the movie became a box-office __________ .
  16. The on-screen __________ between the two leading actors was marvellous to behold and made the story all the more believable.
  17. The __________ is an unlikely hero in the shape of Mark Milton, a shy, sheepish librarian.
  18. Milly Rove is basically a __________ character; your typical Stepford-Wife type.
  19. It’s a __________ of a 1921 film noir classic.
  20. The __________ was a collaborative effort between Minty Walsh and Oxtail Montrath. It was Montrath who had originally approached studio bosses with a sort of vague outline of the plot and a hastily-prepared script.

(d) Select an appropriate verb from the box to fill each gap. You may need to change the tense.

stay      inspire              base     pick         adapt              shortlist           cast
  1. He _____________ a relative unknown in the lead role but it proved to be an inspired decision; reviews of the actor John Mulqueen’s performance were unanimous in their praise.
  2. The film has been _____________ for several awards but has yet to win any.
  3. The movie is _____________ loosely on a play written by Cartright, but Cartright himself had nothing to do with the film version beyond, that is, banking a considerable sum of money in royalties.
  4. It was _____________ from the book of the same name, but the director took some liberties in his retelling of the story.
  5. My friends _____________ holes in the plot, but I thought the movie was quite praiseworthy.
  6. Although _____________ by true events, this is a complete work of fiction and the characters are not based on the real people involved in the story.
  7. For the most part this production _____________ true to the original 1970s classic, but it does not come close to matching it for sheer impact and shock value.


Hollywood and the Film Industry


a xi      b. x      c. i      d. ii      e. v      f. iv

g ix      h. viii   i. iii      j. vi      k. vii


1 feature film 2. opening night 3. general release 4. movie premiere

5 release date 6. ensemble cast 7. leading lady 8. critical reception

9 tour de force performance 10. red carpet 11. final cut


1 screen test 2. running time 3. post-production 4. extra

5 sequel 6. method 7. typecast 8. anticlimactic

9 mainstream 10. cliffhanger 11. tearjerker 12. Swash-buckler

13 plot 14. adaptation 15. flop 16. chemistry

17 protagonist 18. stock 19. remake 20. screenplay


1 cast 2. shortlisted 3. based 4. adapted

5 picked  6. inspired 7. stays

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