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The Music Industry

(a) Match verbs 1-14 with the phrase-endings i-xiv to complete the collocations.

1.         sign

2.         cover

3.         do

4.         top

5.         go

6.         sell

7.         fill

8.         lift

9.         bring

10.       collaborate

11.       add

12.       crack

13.       give

14.       mime

i.          the roof off

ii.         a stadium

iii.        out an arena tour

iv.        the lyrics

v.         the charts

vi.        a signing at a music store

vii.       a tour date

viii.      the house down

ix.        a rousing rendition

x.         with a fellow artist

xi.        the American market

xii.       to a record label

xiii.      an original song

xiv.      solo

(b) Now use verbs 1-14 above to complete the sentences which follow. You may have to change the tense or form. Use each word once only.

  1. He ___________ a record deal reputed to be worth £ 10 million.
  2. The ___________ art was designed by his wife, who is a well-known and moderately successful artist in her own right.
  3. The audience felt short-changed when she ___________ her latest release; they had come to see her perform live.
  4. She ___________ the performance of a lifetime at the Grammy Awards ceremony.
  5. He started out ___________ gigs in his local pub, but after being spotted by a talent scout he was approached by one of the largest record labels in the country.
  6. He ___________ under the pressure of constant media attention; he just wasn’t meant for life in the limelight.
  7. She ___________ with several artists on her latest album, but this has failed to impress the critics who have been scathing in their reviews.
  8. His song ‘Sally-Anne’ is still ___________ in a lot of revenue from royalties some twenty-three years after it was first released.
  9. Demand for her latest album is not going to match that which there was for ‘Ondine’, her debut offering – at least, that’s assuming the first-week ___________ figures are anything to go by.
  10. He has ___________ playing the guitar to his impressive repertoire of musical talents.
  11. It had been hoped that her debut single would reach the ___________ spot, but she should be pleased with position two in the charts at any rate.
  12. The troubled musician received a ___________ on learning of her song’s reentry into the charts.
  13. Her new-found popularity insured that she was able to ___________ the 20,000-seat venue to capacity.
  14. He ___________ on to record a further nine albums in what can only be described as a stellar career.

(c) Select a word from the box to fill each gap in the extract. Use each word once only. You will not have to change the form of the word.

supporting       demo               key                  flat                   range

tune                 playlist             ballads             posthumous

  1. She received a ______________ award for her contribution to music. Her son accepted it on behalf of his mother, who, though now deceased, will surely live on in our memory for a very long time to come.
  2. He is ______________ Mexirod on their tour of Canada this autumn.
  3. If you think you have what it takes, send me in your ______________ tape and I promise I will have a listen.
  4. The band became known for its trademark power ______________ .
  5. The D.J. invited listeners to call in with their suggestions for the ______________ .
  6. The judge on the talent show accused the band of singing out of ______________ and murdering the lyrics of a perfectly good song.
  7. He had a lovely tone in his singing voice but his______________ was very limited and he simply could not reach the high notes.
  8. You were not singing in ______________ ; in fact, your voice sounded quite ______________. I’m afraid we will not be putting you through to the next round on this occasion, but thank you for auditioning.

 (d) Match 1- 8 with the strongest collocations from i – viii.

1. house

2. indie

3. easy

4. booking

5. recording

6. studio

7. road

8. supporting

i. listening

ii. act

iii. album

iv. music

v. manager

vi. contract

vii. band

viii. agent

(e) Now use the completed phrases from (d) to fill in the blanks below. Use each phrase once only.

  1. They were a top draw for this pub for many years, so it seemed a no-brainer to make them the official ____________ .
  2. The ____________ was, in my opinion, actually more entertaining than the headline band.
  3. These guys are great; I can’t wait until their first ____________ is released next weekend.
  4. What they play is more ____________ than mainstream pop. Even so, they’ve built up a large fan base.
  5. He’s the king of ____________ ; I can’t think of any artist I’d chose over him if I just want to put my feet up and unwind.
  6. The ____________ has got us an extra gig on Sunday on account of how well the last one went down.
  7. As ____________ s go, she’s right up there with the best of them; she makes sure everything runs smoothly but you’d hardly even know she was there from beginning to end of tour.
  8. They’ve somehow bagged a million-dollar ____________ with Sony, despite the fact that they have yet to even have a top-ten hit.


The music industry


1 xii     2. xiii   3. vi     4. v      5. xiv   6. iii     7. ii

8 i        9. viii   10. x    11. vii 12. xi    13. ix 14. iv


1 signed 2. cover 3. mimed 4. gave 5. doing

6 cracked 7. collaborated 8. bringing 9. sales

10 added 11. top 12. lift 13. fill 14. went


1 posthumous 2. supporting 3. demo 4. ballads

5 playlist 6. key/tune 7. range 8. key/ tune-flat


1 vii     2. iv     3. i       4. viii

5 vi      6. iii     7. v      8. ii


1 house band 2. supporting act 3. studio album 4. indie music

5 easy listening 6. booking agent 7. road manager 8. recording contract

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