The Critics and Reviews

(a) Chose an appropriate word from the box to complete each gap. Use each word once only.

lauded             authentic         compelling       amplify            frenetic            groundbreaking

interwoven      ensemble         hype                abysmal           virtuoso           finale

consensus        incoherent       acclaim            unanimous       unparalleled     suspense

  1. The film has thus far met with almost universal ____________, with many describing it as a modern-day masterpiece and director Cloud Bond’s finest moment.
  2. The ____________ that surrounded the launch of Mile Down is about the best thing this film ever had going for it – this is a truly ____________ dramatization of one of the most significant moment’s in our nation’s history.
  3. This is a essentially two stories expertly ____________ by the author into one utterly ____________ novel.
  4. ____________ as one of the most successful remakes in cinematic history, fans of the original will love this film as director Willheim Nording has stayed true to the story here on almost every possible level while somehow creating something refreshingly original and new.
  5. I would go along with the ____________ on this one; while Yardie has punched above its weight at the box office and supplanted Maori Wave in the number-one position, it is at best lightweight and mediocre, and the director has played it very safe here.
  6. This movie steams along at a ____________  pace. It is full of ____________ and the director produces some truly intense, edge-of-seat moments in the lead up to and during the big ____________ .
  7. Stevens is ____________ as an actor in his generation, and only he could have delivered the ____________ performance the role of this particular protagonist demands.
  8. Both the leading actor and director have received ____________ praise for their parts in this production, praise which this critic believes is entirely justified, for it is rare indeed for two artists at their peak to ____________ one another’s gifts so brilliantly.
  9. While hardly ____________ in the sense that it sticks to tried and tested special effects methods, this film is technically brilliant and possessed of an ____________ feel of which so many of its recent cinematic counterparts have been bereft.
  10. The plot is largely ____________ and there is more talent in my right thumb than is possessed by the entire ____________ that makes up this sorry cast.


(b) Choose a verb from the box below to fill each blank. Use each verb once only. You may need to change the tense or form.

come                           deliver             convey             promise            tackle               delve

scratch                         trivialise           evoke               miss                 rave

Most critics have______________ about this movie. I must admit to having been left somewhat disappointingly underwhelmed, however, and feeling as if this very complex subject has but barely had its surface ______________ in Abdominal Pain. I mean, the issue of teen suicide is a very serious, important and current one, so it is admirable that the filmmakers have tried to ______________ it, but, in doing so, they have ______________ little into the underlying causes of the problem, which is a ______________ opportunity, I feel. Abdomical Pain ______________ much but ______________  little, I’m afraid. The sense of desperation teens struggling with their identity and having no one to turn to must feel is not really ______________ here. And while the director does succeed in ______________ a certain sympathy in the audience for the lead character, Rory Mole, a terrible depressed and lonely 15-year-old suffering from undiagnosed bi-polar disorder, his plight is ______________ and there is an almost comedic element to his what should be tragic story. Mike Clough has ______________ up short here in his directorial debut, and he will do well to recover from this big-screen disappointment.

(c)  Use the clue- or stem-word to create an adjective to describe o novel or aspect thereof, as in the example below.

  1. a (nail) __________ finale
  2. a (harrow) __________ tale
  3. an (enigma) __________ character
  4. an (toxic) __________ experience
  5. a (viscera) __________ hatred
  6. a (buoy) __________ ending
  7. an (apology) __________ and bold critique
  8. an (engage) __________ story
  9. a (pretend) __________ and shallow effort
  10. a (fresh) __________ honesty

(d) Use the answers from (c) above to fill in the gaps in the sentences below. Use each word once only.

  1. It is __________ to see how frank the author is in this biography, and his honesty is all the more laudable on account of it being his own memoirs that he is penning here.
  2. Hume adopts a tried and tested formula in his new rom-com, and is __________about doing so.
  3. The__________ prospect of having to relive her ordeal in the courtroom does not deter our heroine.
  4. One leaves the theatre feeling decidedly __________ after this feel-good play.
  5. It is an __________ combination of intensity and passion that has the viewer rapt throughout and yearning for more at the end.
  6. The audience is on the edge of its collective seat during this __________ climax, and there is a delightful twist in the very last scene to surprise and even shock you.
  7. He doesn’t pull off sophisticated, which appears to have been the aim here, but simply comes across as __________ .
  8. Joseph is a fascinating and __________ creature. Oh to get inside the head of our hero! But, alas, the author gives us only the occasional tantalising peak into his thought process and we are left pining for the sequel to find out more about this curious and oddly endearing fellow.
  9. The idea of Nell Burges and Ed Reeves acting alongside one another again is an __________ thought.
  10. His approach to writing is __________ rather than intellectual.

(e) Find the eight synonyms of VERY INTERESTING and the eight synonyms of BORING and group them below.

dull      riveting            prosaic             enthralling       bromidic          enrapturing      pedestrian

captivating      vapid               spellbinding     wearisome       insipid             absorbing

gripping           fascinating       lustreless

  1. Very Interesting : ………………………………..
  2. Boring: ……………………………………………..


The critics and reviews


1 acclaim 2. hype / abysmal 3. interwoven / compelling

4 Lauded 5. consensus 6. frenetic / suspense / finale

7 unparalleled/virtuoso 8. unanimous/amplify

9 groundbreaking/authentic 10. incoherent/ensemble


raved / scratched / tackle / delved / missed / promises /

delivers / conveyed / evoking / trivialised / come


1 nailbiting 2. harrowing 3. enigmatic 4. intoxicating 5. visceral

6 buoyant 7. unapologetic 8. engaging 9. pretentious 10. refreshing


1 refreshing 2. unapologetic 3. harrowing 4. buoyant 5. engaging

6 nailbiting 7. pretentious 8. enigmatic 9. intoxicating 10. visceral


1 riveting, spellbinding, enthralling, absorbing, enrapturing, gripping, fascinating, captivating

2 dull, vapid, prosaic, wearisome, insipid, bromidic, pedestrian, lustreless

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