Describe a skill you need long time to learn – Band 9 Part 2 Sample

Band 9 Part 2 Sample Topic Describe A Skill You Need Long Time To Learn

Describe a skill you need long time to learn

You should say:

  • What it is
  • Where you can learn it
  • How to learn it
  • And explain why you need long time to learn it

Model answer

I would like to talk about learning a language, which definitely requires a lot of time and patience. I think many people go into learning a language expecting to speak fluently after a few short months which can lead them to disappointment. I think to truly be fluent in a language, you need at least 3 years, preferably living and immersing yourself in that country. Language starts with the grammar and sentence structure, then being able to listen and respond, then onto reading and writing which is a whole different ball game (a different challenge). Even those who can communicate effectively would still struggle to read a novel or literature in that language.

You can begin to learn a language in various ways. For one, you can learn it in school and a language center, which is a good base for grammar especially. Secondly, you can study it on your own, maybe even by watching youtube videos, series/ movies, listening to music, etc.  which is becoming more of a trend nowadays due to the high costs of studying at a language center. Moreover, you can learn it by starting a relationship with someone and figuring out a way to communicate after some time – I think it usually happens fast when you catch feelings (to start feeling emotions for someone) for someone who doesn’t speak the same language! Lastly, you can move to that country and pick it up there. I would say this is the best way, although many don’t have this opportunity.

I think language learning is a tedious (long, detailed) process because it involves many different skills, such as memorization, pronunciation, grammar, etc., and requires you to think outside of the box, which doesn’t come easily for some. Moreover, I think it takes your brain a long time to accept another language when you’ve spent your whole life making memories in one.  All in all, it is no easy task.

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