Band 9 Sample for IELTS Speaking Part 2 in 2019 – Topic: Describe a time when you received money as a gift

Band 9 Sample For IELTS Speaking Part 2 In 2019 Topic Describe A Time When You Received Money As A Gift

Describe a time when you received money as a gift

You should say:

  • Who gave it to you
  • When was it given to you
  • Where it happened
  • How you felt about it


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I’m going to tell you about my college graduation gift from my grandparents. They have four grandchildren, so they made a pact (made a promise) to give us all the same graduation gift. With this said, they decided to gift all of us $2,000 upon completion of our Bachelor’s Degree. I graduated back in May 2015 and received the gift about a month after, since they live 12 hours away.

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I had a late graduation party in my backyard in June since some family members were busy during the month of May with their own children. My grandparents suffered through a 12-hour car ride to make it to my special day- I was so very grateful! So, they slipped me a card while I was opening my other cards and gifts, and I could not believe my eyes! I had heard that he gave all of us a generous gift, but I didn’t expect the gravity (how serious or big) of just how much. When Monday came, I immediately deposited it into my savings account, as I’m quite a frugal person. However, months later, I decided to treat myself to a solo trip to Prague. Considering I had always dreamt of going to Prague, I felt that I used my money well.

Since I had never received a gift quite like this, I felt extremely excited. I thought that this money gave me new opportunities to travel and enjoy my future, especially if I save it.   Moreover, apart from the money, I felt very appreciative that my grandparents traveled all that way for me. All in all, I felt almost in disbelief, along with delighted (extremely happy and proud)!

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