Build up your Vocabulary for IELTS – Key Word: a feature of

a feature of

1          Feature of + noun

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

building                       elections

landscape                    life

  1. High mountains and deep valleys are natural features of the Afghan ___________ .
  2. High stress levels are a feature of ___________ for people working in the stock market.
  3. In recent years television debates between party leaders have become a regular feature of general ___________ .
  4. The dominant feature of the old ___________ was its huge wooden door.

2          Adjective + feature of

Use the following adjectives in these sentences:

key                   familiar                       redeeming

special             safety                           striking

  1. The old castle is the most ___________ feature of the city – it’s the sight most tourists will take away with them.
  2. Electric windows and central locking are standard features on most cars these days. Among other ___________ features of this car are anti-lock brakes and passenger airbags.
  3. Remember that teamwork is the ___________ feature of a successful organisation.
  4. The one ___________ feature of the plan is its low cost. If it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t be going ahead.
  5. Windmills are a___________ feature of the Dutch landscape.
  6. A ___________ feature of this year’s Book Festival is the appearance of the world-famous children’s writer and former EFL teacher, J K Rowling.


Ex 1: 1. landscape       2. life               3. elections      4. building

Ex 2: 2. striking 2. safety 3. key 4. redeeming 5. familiar 6. special

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