Build up Your Vocabulary for IELTS – Key Word: system


1          Verb + system

Use the correct form of these verbs:

devise                             break down

introduce                     model  on

reform                            work

  1. The government have proposed a whole raft of measures to ____________ the health service.
  2. Can you explain how the security system ____________ ? => Ask Jack. He knows the system inside out.
  3. When we ____________ the new booking system, no one believed it would work.
  4. We need to ____________ some sort of system whereby staff can meet regularly with each other.
  5. The country’s legal system is ____________ the British system.
  6. The recently-installed computerised system keeps crashing and the telephone system has also ____________ . We can’t talk to anybody!

2          Common adjective collocations

Use the adjectives to complete the sentences:

complicated                 corrupt                        excellent          current

  1. Germany has an____________ rail system, making it easy to travel around the country. It is the envy of many other countries.
  2. The whole system is____________ – every official you deal with demands money before helping you.
  3. We’ve called in consultants to identify what is wrong with our____________ management system.
  4. The new system is quite ____________ , I’m afraid. It takes quite a bit of getting used to.

sophisticated               outdated          unfair              inefficient

  1. Why does it take three men to do the job that one could do? What a hopelessly ____________ system!
  2. We still operate an ____________ filing system with paper files and filing cabinets. What we need is a modern, state-of-the-art computer system.
  3. Something must be done to help poorer children get to university. Our system is very ____________ .
  4. The museum is protected by a very ____________ system of burglar and fire alarms. It contains priceless treasures from Ancient Greece.

Go back and underline all the other useful collocations in this exercise.

3          Noun + preposition + system

Complete the sentences with the following:

access              advantages      injustices         overhaul

  1. The government report on salaries exposes the ____________ of the current system of wages – with women still being paid less than men for the same job.
  2. She was at great pains to stress the ____________ of the new system over the old one.
  3. There are calls for a radical ____________ of the tax system. =>Yes. Changes to the system are long overdue.
  4. You need a password to gain ____________ to the computer system.

1. Note the following useful expression:

Under the new system, student grants have been scrapped and replaced by loans.

Pregnant women are exempt from dental charges under the current health system.

2.         System collocates with lots of nouns:

banking system

heating system

legal system

prison system

welfare system

digestive system

telephone system

canal system

public address system

alarm system

education system

railway system

road system

support system

immune system

sprinkler system

school system

public transport system

3.         If you talk about your ‘sound system’, you mean your home stereo system.

4.         If you use a computer, you will be used to ‘installing, booting up, and re-booting the system’ and using ‘system software’.

5.         If you talk about ‘the system’, you mean all the rules and laws of the country:

You can’t beat the system!


Ex 1: 1. reform 2. works 3. introduced 4. devise 5. modelled on 6. broken down

Ex 2:

1 excellent 2. corrupt 3. current 4. complicated

5 inefficient 6. outdated 7. unfair 8. sophisticated

Ex 3: 1. injustices        2. advantages              3. overhaul      4. access

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