Build Your Vocabulary for IELTS – Key Word: Violence


1          Verb + violence

Use the correct form of these verbs:

condemn                     condone

contain                        resort to

stir up                          threaten

  1. If they have to, the group are prepared to _____________ violence to get what they want.
  2. The leader of the gang was accused of using racist language to _____________ hatred and violence.
  3. The President _____________the violence and appealed to the rioters to refrain from further violence.
  4. As a pacifist, I deplore all violence. I can’t _____________ violence in any shape or form.
  5. When I was_____________ with violence, I handed over my passport and credit cards.
  6. Violence flared up again last night in many areas. Police in riot gear struggled to _____________ the violence.

2          Common adjective collocations

Use these adjectives in the sentences:

domestic                      excessive

gratuitous                    mindless

racial                              widespread

  1. The police deny that they used _____________ violence while arresting the accused.
  2. Unfortunately, _____________ violence is a regular occurrence in some families.
  3. A group of white youths were accused of instigating_____________ violence by taunting the two Asian boys.
  4. The high tax on food led to_____________ violence throughout the country.
  5. There’s too much_____________ violence on TV. Most of it is totally unnecessary.
  6. Police said that the horrific attack on the old woman was an act of _____________ violence.

drug-related                sectarian         endemic

  1. In parts of India the communal violence seems to be _____________. It’s gone on for generations.
  2. Northern Ireland has seen less _____________ violence in recent years.
  3. In most big cities most violence is _____________ .

3          Noun + of + violence

Use these nouns in the sentences:

history of                     outbreak of                 scenes of

upsurge of                   use of                          victims of

  1. It is a fact that women are still the main_____________ domestic violence.
  2. Our group believes in political change, but it does not advocate the_____________ violence.
  3. In India, fifty people were reported killed today in a fresh_____________ inter-racial violence.
  4. There were unprecedented_____________ violence in the city’s main square as rival football fans clashed.
  5. There’s been an _____________ violence in the city recently, and this sudden rise is being linked to increased unemployment.
  6. He has a long _____________ violence and is considered to be a danger to society.

4          Noun + preposition + violence

Complete the sentences below with a suitable preposition:

to (2)                about               in

  1. Among psychologists, there is growing concern _____________ violence on television.
  2. They have called for an end _____________ violence and a return to peace.
  3. Security at benefit offices is being stepped up to deal with the recent increase_____________ violence.
  4. There are hopes that the conflict can be resolved without resort_____________ violence.


1.         Note the following expressions with prepositions:

violence against women

violence within the family

violence between different ethnic groups

2.         Violence in a community or among a large group of people ‘erupts’ – like a volcano:

Widespread violence has erupted since the government was overthrown by the rebels.

3.         An outbreak of violence can be ‘quelled’ (ended).



Ex 1: 1. resort to 2. stir up 3. condemned 4. condone 5. threatened 6. contain

Ex 2:

1 excessive      2. domestic      3. racial            4. widespread              5. gratuitous

6 mindless       7. endemic       8. sectarian      9. drug-related

Ex 3: 1. victims of    2. use of     3. outbreak of     4. scenes of     5. upsurge of    6. history of

Ex 4: 1. about              2. to                 3. in     4. to

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