Describe a game (not a sport) you enjoyed and played as a child  

Describe A Game (Not A Sport) You Enjoyed As A Child

Describe a game (not a sport) you enjoyed as a child / Describe a game that you played in your childhood.

You should say:

  • What the game was
  • When you played it
  • Who you played it with
  • How you felt about the game


Model Answer

As a child I enjoyed playing chess. It is probably the best known board game in the world, where two players try to defeat the other by taking his or her pieces and finally trapping his King. This final move is called checkmate.

You probably know the Western version of this game, which is known as King chess. The former is more popular among younger generations, whereas the latter is mostly played by older people. I personally enjoy both of them equally.

These games are difficult in that you have think to ahead and plan your steps carefully, while keeping an eye on your opponent’s moves. This is exactly the kind of challenge that I relish, and I feel excited whenever I manage to outwit the other player.

Chess games are also a good way to build a bond with your friends, since they encourage healthy rivalry and prevent you from being arrogant, because there’s always someone who’s able to beat you.

By Le Minh IELTS Band 8.5

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