IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample: Describe a time when you solved a problem via the Internet

Describe a time when you used the internet to solve a problem. You should say:

  •  what problem it was
  •  when you did this
  •  how long it took you
  •  and explain why you used the internet to solve this problem.



So I’m going to talk about this time when I needed a foreign book for my studies. I was in my junior year in university and we had this assignment that required us to find the latest statistics, some of which are very hard to come by.

Apparently in order to get access to new data you must know the right source and pay some fees. I found out that the statistics that I needed were published in a book but unfortunately it was not available for sales in my country. And even if I’d had it delivered, by the time it arrived it’d have been too late.

So I had to contact a friend in America and asked him to buy a hard copy then have the statistics pages scanned and emailed to me. It took some time but eventually I got the data in time. It was a bit of a hassle for my friend so I decided to buy him a small gift in return.


Part 3

  • What influence does the internet have on people (individually), and the society?
  • Do you think libraries will disappear one day?
  • What do people use the internet for?
  • Would you say many people waste time “surfing the internet”? 
  • How do you think people will be using the internet in 10 years (time)?

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