IELTS Cue Card Sample 126 Topic: Describe a time when you got lost. - IELTS Cue Card Sample 126 Topic: Describe a time when you got lost. - IELTS Cue Card Sample 126 Topic: Describe a time when you got lost.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic:

Describe a time when you got lost.

You should say:

  • when and where it happened
  • who was there with you
  • how you felt when you got lost
  • and explain how you eventually found your way.


Admittedly, I am not good at finding directions, so I often get lost easily. Recently, I got lost when I was visiting Cuc Phuong National Park last February. This park is located in 3 provinces near Hanoi, including: Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa. It is very large park with a variety of animals and plants.

We arrive very early and stayed until sunset in the park. I was up at the furthest point as the sun was starting to set. The natural scenery was so stunning that we couldn’t move. We remained at that place, taking a lot of extremely impressive pictures and almost forgot the time until it got dark. As there were a lot of trees, the space inside the park seemed a lot darker than outside, thus, it was hard for us to find our way out. As a consequence, we got lost a few times  and all we could see around us were steep cliff faces and deep gorges. I even felt hopeless and nearly bursted into tears because of fear.

Luckily, before we completely lost our patience, the park’s guards found us and led us to the entrance very quickly. By the time we managed to get out of the park, all of us were totally exhausted, hungry and thirsty. Soon after that we headed for a good local restaurant, ordering a big meal to mark the day we managed to overcome such a dangerous situation.


  • stunning: extremely beautiful or attractive:

Ex: a stunning view over the bay of Saint Tropez.

  • burst into tears: to suddenly start to cry

Ex: I even felt hopeless and nearly burst into tears because of fear.

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