IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample: A time you received a call from someone you do not know

Describe a time when you received a call from someone you do not know in a public place.

You should say:

  •  when it was
  •  where you were when you received it
  •  what the call was about
  •  and explain how you felt (after) when you received this call.  



We often receive calls from strangers and most of the times it’s not something dangerous. But there was this one time that I really thought “well, it was close”. So one day I was finishing my lunch in a small restaurant when I received a call from a strange number. I am a teacher so I do receive calls from strangers enquiring about my courses. I picked up and the woman on the other side said, in a serious tone: “I am from the Post Office and you have this letter from the Police notifying you to cooperate with them in a cyber gambling case.”Needless to say I was shocked. Never had I even thought of taking part in illegal activity. So I asked her, breathlessly, what I would need to do next. She was like, if you want, I can transfer your call to the police station then you can talk to them directly. I had nearly said yes when I caught myself wondering “How could this post office person know so much? Are they allowed to open my letter?” So I decided to go to the post office and see the letter for myself. Apparently I found out later at the office that there was no such letter and it was a scam designed to steal money from me. It was very annoying but fortunately nothing bad happened, nothing that I know of yet anyway.

By Le Minh IELTS Band 8.5


Part 3

  •  Do you think it’s good to talk loudly on a bus?
  • In your opinion, would it be a good idea to have laws prohibiting speaking loudly in public?


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