IELTS Opinion essays (Essay on Education)

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IELTS Opinion essays (Essay on Education)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to state one’s opinion in an essay?

As a first step you have to identify the type of the essay. If it is an opinion essay, then it is mandatory to provide your opinion. If you fail to state your opinion, you will end up with a poor score for task achievement which is one of the marking criteria.

Will my opinion play a role in marking criteria? In controversial topics, is it dangerous to give an opinion which the examiner may not approve?

The examiner will remain totally indifferent when assessing you. All that the examiner will look for is a clearly stated opinion (whichever side you may take, however controversial it may be) in case of an opinion essay. The examiner will also mark you for the explanation.

In case of an opinion essay, can I give my opinion in the introduction and then remain neutral in the body paragraphs?

Definitely not. In case of opinion essays, you are including a thesis statement in the introduction part which outlines what is going to be explained in the body paragraphs. You have to support your opinion in the body paragraphs. You cannot remain neutral.

How do I determine if it is an opinion essay?

You can look for phrases like “Do you think?” “What is your opinion?” etc in the question.

In an opinion essay, what is a smart way of choosing which side to support?

Choose the side which you can explain with examples. Doesn’t matter even if it is controversial.

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