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ielts education essay

Most of the students are scared of Writing task 2 of the IELTS exam. As the tropics given in the exam are education-related, most of the test takers find it difficult to answer the question. And the test takers will be given only 40 minutes to complete the 250-word essay. The essays that you should write will be based on your own opinion. And in this section, the examiners will assess the fluency of your language as well as how well you can express your thoughts on a particular topic.

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Structure of IELTS essay on education

There are plenty of topics in IELTS writing task 2, and you cannot say which topic you may get for the IELTS test. You should have a little understanding of every topic that is given. If you get an education as your topic, then you can follow this particular structure to write your answer:


The introduction part will be the most important part of the essay, where this paragraph will help you write the rest of the essay. The introduction part should include the topic or the question given in the essay. You can use different synonyms and your own sentences to write your own essay. While writing the essay you should decide whether you are in favor of the question or against the question. This will be easy for the examiner to judge your question. Once you are done paraphrasing the question, give your opinion regarding the topic.

Body of the essay

The body of the essay is where you explain your opinion in-depth about the topic. You have to keep in mind that you do not divert from the topic. There will be to parts in your body paragraph. The first one and the important one is that it should involve your opinion about the topic. And the second one will be your opposing thoughts about the topic. They are explained in detail below:

Opinion- In favor

In a favorable opinion you can use phrases like ‘in my opinion’ or ‘i believe that’ before starting the question so that the examiner knows that you are talking in favor of the topic. The tone used while explaining maybe a third person tone, this is usually used while trying to give an example with context to the topic. While writing the essay if you think positively about education you can give interesting ideas in favor of education. If you are not much aware of the facts you can highlight the main features of the education.

Opinion- Shortcomings

We know that education is undoubtedly important but you have to always explain also the shortcomings of the essay to show that, you understand both the sides of the essay, as well as you should give the suggestion about your opinion about the essay that shows the variety in your thought process. You can give your own suggestions to even improve the education system that is you can know the scope of improvement in the education sector.


As you are giving your own opinion about the essay, giving the conclusion about the essay makes it more structured and is easily understood by the examiner. In the end you can close the essay by giving some small notes with the reasons and not making it much complex. The opinion given by you must be consistent throughout the essay and make sure you do not have two opinions about the question given. You can also sum up the introduction part as well as the body paragraph part of the essay and conclude the overall essay on a positive note.

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