Enlarge Your Vocabulary for IELTS – Key Word: a level of

a level of

1          Verb + level of

Use the correct form of these verbs:

measure          reach              reduce                         require

  1. After two years of study he has ____________ a reasonable level of competence in English.
  2. He works as an air-traffic controller. It’s a job that____________ a high level of concentration.
  3. Few people would disagree that something should be done to____________ the level of crime in the area.
  4. A breathalyser is a device used by traffic police to____________  the level of alcohol in the blood.

2          Level of + noun

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

frustration                  violence           pollution          fitness

  1. We have exercise classes which cater for all levels of ____________ .
  2. I think that children today are exposed to unacceptable levels of ____________ on television.
  3. The results of a recent survey show a growing level of ____________ among hospital doctors. Many are thinking of leaving the profession.
  4. Increased levels of air____________ in the city centre represent a major health hazard to the local residents.

anxiety                                    expertise

difficulty                                 unemployment

  1. It is difficult to find good staff with the level of____________ required for this job.
  2. Many patients experience high levels of ____________ before a major operation.
  3. What is the government doing about the high level of ____________ in this country?
  4. After the exam all the students complained about the level of ____________ of the maths test. Most of them couldn’t even attempt half of the questions.


Ex 1: 1. reached 2. requires 3. reduce 4. measure

Ex 2:

1 fitness           2. violence       3.frustration                4. pollution

4 expertise       6. anxiety       7. unemployment       8. difficulty

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