Enlarge Your Vocabulary for IELTS – Key Word: trouble


1          Verb + trouble

Use the correct form of these verbs:

ask for                         get into

give                              have

save                             store up

  1. I’m sorry I’m late. I __________ a lot of trouble finding somewhere to park.
  2. Parking in London is a nightmare! You’d __________ yourself a lot of trouble by taking the train.
  3. My car is __________ me a lot of trouble at the moment. I think it’s the cold weather.
  4. Anybody who drives a car at 150 kilometres an hour is simply __________ trouble.
  5. If you don’t deal with this problem, you’re only__________ trouble for yourself in the future.
  6. He __________ a lot of trouble for writing on the walls of the school toilets.

2          Noun + of + trouble

Use these nouns in the sentences:

amount                       end

least                             share

  1. I’ve had more than my fair _________ of trouble this week – certainly more than I deserved!
  2. You wouldn’t believe the _________ of trouble I’ve had with this video recorder. It’s never worked!
  3. Buying you a birthday present is the _________ of my troubles. I can’t even pay my rent!
  4. I’ve had no _________ of trouble finding a hotel room. There’s a big conference on in town.

3          Adjective + trouble

Match up the sentence with the situation:

  1. I’ve got engine trouble.
  2. I’m in financial trouble.
  3. I’m in serious trouble with the police.
  4. I’ve got back trouble.
  5. I’m in big trouble at school.
  6. I went to enormous trouble to help her.

a          I did everything I could.

b          I was caught drinking and driving.

c          I hurt it on a skiing holiday.

d          My car won’t start.

e          I have debts of over £20,000!

f           I didn’t turn up for a recent exam.

 4         Verb + trouble

Trouble is also used to describe a situation in which people argue or fight. Use the correct

form of these verbs:

break out                     look for                       stay out of

brew                            stir up                          want

  1. My sister is always trying to _________ trouble between me and my boyfriend. I think she’s jealous.
  2. My parents warned me to steer clear of trouble. =>Yeah. Mine told me if I didn’t _________ trouble they wouldn’t let me go out at night.
  3. I don’t _________ any trouble in this bar, so if you don’t mind, just finish your drinks and leave.
  4. There have been riots in the capital, and trouble has also_________ in other cities.
  5. He says he doesn’t _________ trouble, but he always seems to be getting into fights.
  6. I think trouble is _________ I overheard a couple of people talking about a strike.


1.         Note in 3-4 trouble is also used to talk about health problems:

He has heart trouble.

She’s having trouble with her legs.

2.         Note how we describe being in a lot of trouble:

He’s in real trouble. He was caught stealing money.

She’ll be in big trouble if she crashes that car.

Tony landed in terrible trouble for breaking the church window.

You’ll get into deep trouble if you keep arriving late.

The company ran into serious trouble when it lost its biggest contract.

3.         Note these expressions:

I managed to change my flight without any trouble.

Making your own bread is more trouble than it’s worth.

4.         We use the expression ‘it’s no trouble’ to mean that something is not a problem:

I can wait. It’s no trouble.

5.         We also use trouble when we have made a special effort:

They went to a lot of trouble to set up this meeting.

I always take the trouble to learn names quickly.



Ex 1: l. had    2. save    3. giving    4. asking for    5. storing up    6. got into

Ex 2: 1. share    2. amount     3. least     4. end

Ex 3: l-d          2-e       3-b       4-c       5-f       6-a

Ex 4: 1. stir up    2. stay out of           3. want      4. broken out     5. look for    6. brewing

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