Expand Your Vocabulary for IELTS – Key Word: a copy of

a copy of

1          Copy of + noun

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

unauthorised              free                  well-thumbed              poor

  1. ______________ copies of the leaflet on scholarships are available from the Department of Education.
  2. I still have my ______________ copy of Shakespeare’s Sonnets somewhere in the house. I’ll go and get it for you.
  3. Making an ______________ copy of this article is against copyright law.
  4. It’s such a ______________ copy of the original painting. Surely nobody would be taken in by such an obvious fake.

advance           back                true

  1. Any photocopies you send must be certified as ______________ copies of the original documents.
  2. I have over 200 ______________ copies of the magazine. I don’t think I missed an issue.
  3.  ______________ copies of a book are usually sent to reviewers before it appears in the shops.

2          Verb + copy of

Use the correct form of these verbs:

enclose            get hold of                   keep

print                make                           sign

  1. I think we’d better ___________ twenty copies of the agenda and bring them to the meeting.
  2. We ___________ file copies of all official letters that we send out just in case we need to refer to them at a later date.
  3. Please remember to ___________ a copy of your birth certificate with your application form.
  4. Bruce Witlon will be___________ copies of his latest book straight after this talk.
  5. I finally managed to ___________ a copy of that book you were looking for. I picked one up in a second-hand bookshop.
  6. The publishers only ___________ 500 copies of the book. They don’t think it will be a big seller.


Ex 1: 1. Free  2. well-thumbed  3. unauthorised  4. poor  5. true  6. back  7. Advance

Ex 2: l. make  2. keep  3. enclose  4. signing  5. get hold of  6. printed

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