Expand Your Vocabulary to Ace the IELTS- Key Word: Order


 1         Verb + order (command)

Use the correct form of these verbs:

be under          come              disobey            receive             take

  1. You’re not my boss! I’m not __________ orders from you.
  2. In the army I was punished for __________ orders. I was made to clean the toilets for a week.
  3. The troops__________ orders to attack the city at dawn.
  4. I’m afraid you can’t come in. We__________ orders not to allow anybody into the building.
  5. The order__________ direct from the Minister to release the murderer from prison two years early.

2          Giving and obeying orders

Match the two halves of these sentences:

  1. Soldiers learn to obey orders
  2. Don’t blame me! I’m only carrying out
  3. The ship was sinking fast so the captain issued
  4. Instead of stopping to think,
  5. It was clear she was furious with us when
  6. The sergeant barked out a series of orders
  7. He was arrested for refusing

a          the order to abandon ship.

b          we just blindly followed orders.

c          without questioning them.

d          to the new recruits.

e          she gave orders that she wasn’t to be disturbed.

f           someone else’s orders.

g          to comply with a court order to leave the city.

Go back and underline all the verbs used with order or orders.

3          Common expressions

Use these words to complete the sentences:

doctor’s           marching       strict                tall

  1. All employees are under __________ orders not to talk to the press. They will be sacked if they do.
  2. Getting this job done on time will be a __________ order. I don’t know how we will be able to meet the deadline.
  3. She was useless and unreliable, so she got her __________ orders! She’s looking for a new job.
  4. He’s under __________ orders to cut down on his smoking and drinking.

4          Verb + order (business / restaurant)

Use the correct form of these verbs:

cancel              deal with                     lose

place                send                             take

  1. I wish a waiter would come and__________ our order!
  2. We’re thinking of __________ a rather large order. What kind of discount could you offer?
  3. I __________ you my order two weeks ago, together with a cheque for £60.
  4. We will __________ your order immediately. Goods are generally dispatched within 24 hours of receipt of order.
  5. Unfortunately, we __________ an important order worth hundreds of thousands of pounds because the workers went on strike.
  6. I’m afraid you will lose your deposit if you decide to __________ your order.

5          Adjective + order (arrangement)

Use these adjectives in the sentences:

alphabetical                chronological              reverse

pecking                       particular                      running

  1. Write down the events in__________ order, that is, in the order in which they happened.
  2. They read out the names of the winners of the competition in__________ order – third, second and then first.
  3. My name is Zavaroni — so I’m always at the bottom of every list, arranged in__________ order!
  4. The__________ order for a concert is the order in which each singer or band will play.
  5. The files are arranged in no__________ order. If you can think of one, let me know.
  6. I’ve just started with the company so I’m at the bottom of the__________ order. I’m the last person to get a share of any of the good jobs that come up.

1.         Note these adjective expressions:

I think I’ll have a side order of french fries.

The coffee machine is out of order again!

2.         Note the expression ‘law and order’.


Ex 1:  1. taking    2. disobeying    3. received    4. are under   5. came

Ex 2:    l-c        2-f       3-a       4-b       5-e       6-d       7-g

Ex 3:  1. strict 2. tall 3. marching 4. doctor’s

Ex 4:  1. take    2. placing    3. sent    4. deal with    5. lost   6.          cancel

Ex 5:  1. chronological    2. reverse   3. alphabetical   4.    running       5. particular   6. pecking

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