Extend Your Vocabulary to Ace the IELTS – Key Word: Movement


1          Verb + movement (act of moving)

Use the correct form of these verbs:

allow               co-ordinate

detect               monitor

restrict             retrace

  1. Long skirts tend to ­­___________ movement, so I usually wear trousers to work. They give you greater freedom of movement.
  2. As the disease progresses, the patient loses the ability to___________ his movements and needs help with the simplest of tasks.
  3. The alarm goes off the second these infra-red sensors___________ the slightest movement.
  4. Detectives are trying to___________ the young girl’s movements on the night she disappeared.
  5. An important job of the security forces is to___________   the movements of suspected terrorists.
  6. The law will be changed to___________ free movement of goods within Europe.

2          Adjective + movement

Choose the more natural collocation:

  1. Audiences were always spellbound by Nureyev’s ___________ arm movements. (beautiful / graceful)
  2. The___________ movement of troops into the area brought a quick end to the days of rioting. (rapid / fast)
  3. During the Second World War, we couldn’t travel around the country. Our movements were very ___________. (restricted / constrained)
  4. Our burglar alarm is activated by the ___________ movement in the house. (smallest / slightest)
  5. Don’t make any ___________ movement or you’ll frighten the bird and it’ll fly away. (rapid / sudden)

3          Verb + movement (group with a purpose)

Use the correct form of these verbs:

ban                  be involved with                      campaign

join                  sympathise with                      weaken

  1. My brother___________ heavily___________ the animal rights movement and its campaign to stop animals being used in experiments.
  2. Outraged by the inequalities between men and women in society Mrs Pankhurst ___________ the movement for equal rights.
  3. Over the last thirty years the trade union movement in the UK has been ___________by anti-union legislation.
  4. Although I___________ the nationalist movement, I don’t approve of the use of violence.
  5. When the peace movement began to gather strength, the military government saw it as a threat and took immediate steps to___________ it.
  6. The Green movement is___________ for better recycling facilities in every town in the country.

4          Movement + preposition

Complete the sentences using these prepositions:

against            away from                   for

of                     in                                       towards

  1. The police caught the last-known movements___________ the terrorists on camera.
  2. There’s not been much movement ___________ crude oil prices for a number of years.
  3. Since the death of Princess Diana, there seems to be a movement___________ greater informality among members of the Royal Family.
  4. There has been a mass movement___________ government. The people hope to force the President out of office.
  5. Recently, there has been some movement ___________progressive methods of teaching and a return to more traditional ways.
  6. There have been several movements ___________  reform of the voting system over the last century, but little real change has taken place.


1.         Note this expression:

The police have had the house under surveillance, but there have been no signs of movement for days.

2.         Other movements are:

The Arts and Crafts Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-War Movement, the Ecumenical Movement, the Pro-Life Movement, etc.

3.         Other kinds of movement are:

the slow movement of his 5th Symphony troop movements




Ex 1:

1. restrict    2. co-ordinate    3. detect    4. retrace    5. monitor   6. allow

Ex 2:

1. graceful    2. rapid    3. restricted    4. slightest    5.  sudden

Ex 3:

1 is heavily involved with                   2. joined          3. weakened

4 sympathise with                               5. ban              6. campaigning

Ex 4:

  1. of      2. in          3. towards       4. against         5. away from               6. for

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