Get IELTS Band 9 Academic Task 2 Writing (Ebook) - get ielts band 9 academic task 2 writing - get ielts band 9 academic task 2 writing


Are you taking the IELTS exam?
Are you worried about the writing test, especially the Task 2 essays?
Do you know about the different Task types, and how to answer them?
We are here to help!
This book gives you 15 perfect model essays for the Task 2 Academic Writing Test. Each essay has a task, an essay, and comments from the examiner explaining why it would get Band 9.
This book also has a full explanation of the different types of essay you may have to write in the exam, and practice tasks for you to try writing your own essays.
We also provide a summary of the 10 most common mistakes that people make in the IELTS writing exam. This may surprise you! By following the advice in this book, you can maximise your chance of getting a high band in IELTS writing, even if your English is not perfect.


IELTS Writing Recent Actual Test (Task 2) 2020 with Sample Answers-Ebook

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Written by professional IELTS teachers to help candidates on the big day

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4.5 rating

About the Authors :

Cambridge IELTS Consultants are a team of IELTS trainers and past examiners based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. They have many years experience of preparing students for IELTS at University level, marking the essays and developing course books to guide candidates through the Cambridge IELTS process. They really are the experts!

IELTS Writing Ebook CTA

Introduction from the Authors

For many people, the most difficult part of the IELTS Academic exam is the Task 2 essay in the writing test. This is because few people understand the different types of Task 2 essay, and few people take the time to read examples of high quality Task 2 essays before they take the exam. We are here to help!
In this book we show you how to analyze the Task 2 question, and we explain the different types of essay you may be asked to write. Most importantly, this book provides you with fifteen examples of Task 2 essays, all written to Band 9 standard. Each essay also has examiner’s comments, which explain why the writing is Band 9 level. At the end of the book, there are a number of practice tasks for you to use. You should analyze the tasks and decide on which type they are Then try to write your own essay in forty minutes, as you would in the exam. There is a key to the practice tasks, and also a summary of the ten most common mistakes in IELTS academic writing. Make sure you avoid these mistakes!

If you need a dictionary while reading this book, we recommend the free Cambridge Dictionaries Online from Cambridge University Press.

Don’t just trust to luck in your IELTS exam – the key is expert advice!

Jessica Alperne & Peter Swires
Cambridge IELTS Consultants
[email protected]

User’s Review

For the first time I know how to structure my writing in the first part of Ielts writing test. Very practical very useful. Though I encountered a different type in my later Ielts exam, I still used the methods in this book, which helped me save time and improve my confidence in writing test

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