Describe something you bought but you do not often use – IELTS Band 8 Sample

IELTS Band 8 Sample Describe Something You Bought But You Do Not Often Use

Describe something you bought but you do not often use

You should say:

  •         what it is
  •         when and where you bought it
  •         why you bought it
  • and explain why you don’t often use it.

Model Answer

I’m going to talk about an iPad that I bought a few years back.

In my third year at university, I received an amount of grant for good academic performance, which was worth about 700 dollars. I had been curious about the iPad because I had never had a chance to use one. So I decided, quite impulsively, that I would buy one.

I imagined there would be so many things that I could do with this device, like writing homework, reading books, chatting with friends and playing games. But later I found out that it wasn’t as convenient as I thought. Though already quite small in size, it is still too heavy to carry for a long time. And it can’t replace a computer as it doesn’t have a real keyboard.

Once the novelty wore off, I just left my iPad sitting around. In hindsight, that 700 dollars should have been spent on a  course or something like that!

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