Improve your Vocabulary for IELTS – Collocation of Day

Key word: day

1          Determiner + day

Use these determiners in the sentences:

a                           all                                  any

every                some    / one                one

other                these                              very

  1. I passed by your house the __________ day, but I didn’t have time to call in.
  2. I’ve enjoyed your company. I hope we meet again __________ day soon.
  3. Organic food is very popular __________  days.
  4. Take the tablets three times __________ day, but don’t take more than ten in any __________ day.
  5. Carol’s expecting her first child. The baby is due __________  day now.
  6. Due to staff training this office will be closed __________  day Monday and will re-open at 9am on Tuesday.
  7. The accident happened on the __________ day that we were leaving for Greece so we had to cancel the holiday.
  8. I read a national newspaper __________ day – 365 days a year. I like to keep in touch with what is happening in the world.

2          Common adjective collocations

Complete the sentences with these adjectives: 

big                   dying               hard                lazy

long                 lucky               8-hour             nice

  1. My dad came home exhausted after a __________ day at the office.
  2. In Scotland the days are very __________ in summer. It’s light until about 11 at night in the middle of June.
  3. Tomorrow is my sister’s __________ day. She’s getting married.
  4. It was the Americans who started saying, ‘Have a __________ day!’ Now we’re all saying it!
  5. I’ll remember your generosity until my __________ day. I’ll never forget it.
  6. We spent a __________ day at the seaside. We just lay on the beach all day long.
  7. Today is your __________    day! We have exactly one copy of the new Harry Potter left in the shop!
  8. I work a full__________ day from 9 till 5.

Go back and underline the adjective collocation.

3          Preposition + day

Complete the sentences below with for or during:

  1. Because of the extreme heat, we travelled at night and rested __________ the day.
  2. This Saturday we’re going up into the hills __________ the day to have a picnic.
  3. I’m afraid the restaurant is only open__________ the day. We close at six.

Complete the following with by, to, or after:

  1. The job is pretty monotonous. You have to do the same boring things day __________ day.
  2. My dad’s recovering slowly. He’s growing stronger day ________ day.
  3. Your day – _________ -day duties will include answering the mail and making appointments.


In 1 -1 the other day means a few days ago.

In 1 -3 these days means now or nowadays.

In 1 -5 any day now means very soon.

In 1 -7 the very day means the same day.

2.         Note how we express disbelief:

Bill says he’s going to stop smoking. >That’ll be the day!

3.         If something ‘makes your day’, it makes you very happy:

Being told I was doing a great job by the boss really made my day.

4.         Here are more common expressions with day:

You’re going to have an accident one of these days if you keep on driving like that.

We’ve been really busy today!

>         Yes, it’s been a long day.

I’m going to bed. I’ve got a full day’s work ahead of me tomorrow.

There are only five shopping days left until Christmas. I’d better start looking for presents.

Do you remember the good old days when you didn’t need to lock your door at night?

>         Yes, those were the days!

5.         Note this example:

Peter isn’t in the office today. He’s having a day off.

6.         In the following expression, ‘days’ means ‘life’:

After a long and distinguished career, the professor ended his days in poverty.


Ex 1:

1  other            2. some / one               3. these            4. a, one           5. any

6 all                 7. very                              8. every

Ex 2:

l  hard              2. long             3. big               4. nice

5 dying            6. lazy              7. lucky           8. 8-hour

Ex 3:

  1. during       2. for           3. during          4. after             5. by    6. to

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