Improve your Vocabulary for IELTS – Collocation of Demand

Key word: demand

1          Verb + demand (firm request)

Use the correct form of these verbs:

give in to                     justify

renew                          make

meet                            receive

  1. Starting at 12 noon, the hijackers are threatening to kill one passenger an hour if their demands are not ­­­­___________ .
  2. We’ve just ­­­­___________ a final demand for the gas bill. If we don’t pay it within seven days, the gas company are threatening to cut off the gas.
  3. Children need to learn that they can’t have everything they want. You shouldn’t ­­­­___________ their demands all the time.
  4. The unions presented a long list of reasons to ­­­­___________ their demands for a shorter working week.
  5. The animal rights people have ­­­­___________ their demands for the abolition of all forms of hunting.
  6. Demands have been ­­­­___________ for the immediate release of all political prisoners.

2          Verb + demand (need or desire for goods)

Use the correct form of these verbs:

be                    cope with

create              fall

outstrip            rise

  1. Due to fears of more terrorist attacks, the demand for transatlantic flights has ­­­­___________ in recent months.
  2. There ­­­­___________ so little demand for tickets for the concert that it had to be cancelled.
  3. The workforce is working round the clock, but we are finding it difficult to ___________ the recent surge in demand for our products.
  4. When demand for a product ___________ supply, the price of that product usually rises. That’s why property prices have gone through the roof.
  5. Demand for mobile phones has ___________ sharply. This increase is partly due to lower prices.
  6. The main role of advertising is to ___________ a demand for a particular product.

Go back and underline other interesting collocations in this exercise.

3          Noun expressions

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

parent              pilots                police

job                   time                 work

  1. I don’t want a job which makes heavy demands on my __________ I want a social life as well!
  2. Enforcing this new law on dropping litter will make impossible demands on the __________. I don’t think it’ll work in practice.
  3. The emotional demands of looking after an elderly __________ can be overwhelming.
  4. I don’t know how working women cope with the conflicting demands of _________ and family life.
  5. I’ve decided to hand in my resignation. The salary is good, but the demands of the __________ are excessive.
  6. Flying into crowded airports like Heathrow makes enormous demands on __________ .

4          Expressions with prepositions

Use these expressions in the sentences below:

in demand                   on demand

demand for                 demands on

  1. Good secretaries are always __________.
  2. Some people believe that abortion should be available __________ .
  3. I’m far too busy. There are just too many __________ my time at the moment.
  4. In recent years we’ve seen the __________ good quality one-bedroom flats grow and grow.


1.         If someone is ‘unequal to the demands of the job’, they can’t do it.

2.         Note the following way of saying that people want something:

By popular demand, the show will run for another week.

3.         In business you often need to talk about ‘the law of supply and demand’.

4.         Common adjective expressions are:

emotional demands                 financial demands

conflicting demands                huge demands



Ex 1:

  1. met    2. received    3.give into   4. justify     5. renewed   6. made

Ex 2:

  1. fallen    2. was    3. cope with   4. outstrips   5. risen   6.    create

Ex 3:

  1. time   2. police   3. parent   4. work    5. job   6.      pilots

Ex 4:

  1. in demand    2. on demand     3. demands on     4. demand for

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