Improve your Vocabulary for IELTS – Collocation of Opinion

Key word: opinion

1          Verb + opinion

Use the correct form of these verbs:

influence         respect            form                give

  1. Could you read this essay and ____________ me your opinion on it before I hand it in to my tutor?
  2. I always value our teacher’s opinion. He’s a man whose opinion I ____________ .
  3. What do you think of this new government? => It’s too early to say. I haven’t really ____________ an opinion yet.
  4. There can be no doubt that television and newspapers do____________ public opinion.

express                        ask                  revise               share

  1. The fact that he passed the exam has made me ____________ my original opinion of him. He’s obviously more intelligent than I thought he was.
  2. Would anyone like to____________ an opinion on this matter?
  3. I know what you think, but do the other members of the team____________ your opinion?
  4. If you ____________  my opinion, there’s a danger I’ll disagree with you – so it’s better not to ask!

2          Noun + of + opinion

Match the two halves of these situations:

  1. Their marriage is almost at an end. Over the years
  2. Zidane is the greatest footballer the world has ever seen.
  3. The government needs to find out what the
  4. Most people are fed up with the congestion and pollution that traffic brings.
  5. Over the last twenty years there has been a distinct

a          A substantial body of opinion supports the idea of banning all cars from the city centre.

b          That’s a matter of opinion. I think Pele was a better player.

c          shift in opinion on the issue of abortion. More and more people seem to approve of it these days.

d          irreconcilable differences of opinion have developed between them. They can’t seem to agree on anything.

e          current climate of opinion is before it makes any changes to the tax on fuel. It’s important that they know what people generally think.

3          Adjective + opinion

Use the following adjectives in the sentences:

honest             popular           second             strong

  1. Many people have very____________ opinions on capital punishment. My father, for example, thinks that all murderers should be executed.
  2. The article accurately reflects____________ opinion. It’s what the majority of people think.
  3. I’m grateful for his advice, but I really need to get a ____________ opinion before I make a final decision. I don’t want to do something that I might regret.
  4. OK, if you want my ____________ opinion, I think the dress looks awful. It just doesn’t suit you.

considered       high                personal          expert

  1. I have a very ____________ opinion of Mark’s abilities as an actor, but a very low opinion of him as a father. He hardly saw his children as they grew up.
  2. Prime Minister, we have discussed the present crisis in depth and it is our ____________ opinion that for the good of the country you should resign.
  3.  ____________  opinion is divided on the issue of how to treat this condition. Some doctors would operate; others favour drugs.
  4. My ____________ opinion doesn’t really matter here. We need to decide for the good of everyone.


1.         If someone thinks too highly of themselves, we say: He’s got too high an opinion of himself.

2.         Note these expressions:

The general opinion is that the new traffic scheme is a good thing.

The doctor was of the opinion that an operation was not necessary.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion!

Opinion is deeply divided on this issue. I can see little hope of reaching any sort of agreement.

3.         Note this very common expression:

In my opinion, interest rates are going to go up.

4.         Newspapers often carry out ‘opinion polls’ to find out the opinions of lots of people on the popularity of political parties.



Ex 1:

l give 2. respect 3.formed 4. influence 5. revise

6 express 7. share 8. ask

Ex 2:

 l-d       2-b       3-e       4-a       5-c

Ex 3:

1 strong 2. popular 3. second 4. honest

5 high 6. considered 7. Expert 8. personal

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