Improve Your Vocabulary for IELTS – Key Word: size


1          Expressions with prepositions

Use these prepositions in the sentences:

into                  in (x3)             on        up        to (x2)

  1. Over the last ten years, the village has greatly increased ____________ size. In fact, the population has almost doubled.
  2. The wood needs to be cut ____________ size before it is nailed into place.
  3. The eggs of this bird vary ____________ size from 5 to 10 cms.
  4. In the factory, the fruit is sorted____________ different sizes by machine.
  5. A college principal can earn anywhere between £35,000 and £100,000 a year, depending ____________ the size of the college.
  6. Radiotherapy has managed to shrink the tumour ____________     the size of a pea.
  7. People come ____________ all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you don’t believe me, come to my exercise class!
  8. I think the next time I buy trousers, I’ll need to go ____________ a size. I’ve put on some weight.

2          Common adjective collocations

Cross out the wrong adjective in the following:

  1. The sheer / big size of the country makes it difficult to govern.
  2. Despite its minimal / small size, the car is surprisingly comfortable.
  3. This bag is a handy / right size for carrying my sports equipment.
  4. These plants grow to a maximum / full size of 50 cms in two years.
  5. When I was stung by a bee, my foot swelled up to twice its average / normal size.
  6. There was a life-size model of Napoleon at the exhibition which showed the actual / normal size of the man. I never realised how small he was.
  7. The bathroom is a bit small, but the kitchen is a good / bad size.
  8. Our house is quite a workable / manageable size. Some people think it’s too big.
  9. Paper comes in standard / common sizes.
  10. The very / great size of the Palace is what makes it so impressive.

3          Common situations

Complete the situations with these words:

your                 my                   several             collar

French            take                 up to                half

  1. What’s your ____________ size? => My shirts are usually 15s.
  2. This is a lovely flat. Mine is only ____________ the size!
  3. Did you find a new skirt? => No, I couldn’t find one in ____________ size that I liked.
  4. I’m sorry I don’t have any in____________ size in stock at the moment.
  5. This pullover isn’t just too big. It’s ____________sizes  too big. I don’t know why you bought it!
  6. Have you got a size 16? =>   I’m sorry, this style only goes ____________ size 12.
  7. What size of battery does it ____________ ?  => I think it takes those double As.
  8. If it’s a____________ 85, that means it’s a UK size 32.


1.         Note the following expressions:

The towns are similar in size, but different in character.

2.         Note the following verb collocations:

In my opinion, reducing the size of classes would improve educational standards.

The company has had a successful year and has decided to increase the size of its workforce.

3.         Note the following comparisons:

Their house is about the same size as ours.

The wheels are different in size / different sizes.

The planet Venus is roughly the same size as the Earth.



Ex 1:    2. to    3. in    4. into    5. on    6. to    7. in    8. up

Ex 2:

  1. sheer 2. small 3. handy     4. maximum     5. normal

6 actual    7. good     8. manageable     9. standard    10. great

Ex 3:

  1. collar 2. half 3. my     4.your    5. several    6. up to    7.           take    8. French

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