Improve Your Vocabulary for IELTS – Key Word: space


1          Verb + space

Use the correct form of these verbs:

make               provide            save                 take up

  1. I think we can ____________ a bit of space if we get rid of some of these books.
  2. Can we ____________ space for an extra chair so that John can join us?
  3. We’ll need to get rid of that old desk. It’s ____________ too much space.
  4. Print your name and address clearly in the space ____________ .

clear                stare into                     find                  make use of

  1. I think we can____________ better____________ the space if we shift this desk over to the window.
  2. She just ignored everyone. She just sat there ____________ space.
  3. I couldn’t____________ a space in the car park big enough for my 4 x 4.
  4. We need to____________ some space in our spare room. We’ve got people coming to stay.

2          Common adjective collocations

Complete the sentences with these adjectives:

blank               confined          extra                storage

  1. Now that the children have left home, we’ve got a lot of ____________  space.
  2. There’s a____________ space at the bottom of the form for you to sign your name.
  3. It’s cruel to keep animals in such a ____________ space. They should be in much larger enclosures where they can roam free.
  4. There’s a lot of ____________ space up in the loft so we can put your suitcases up there.

advertising                  enclosed          open                narrow

  1. Do not use this substance in an ____________ space. Make sure all doors and windows are open when working with it.
  2. I eventually found a place to park but it was such a ____________ space that I had difficulty getting my car into it. It was very tight!
  3. Paris is a city with fine buildings and plenty of____________ spaces. It is a great place for a holiday.
  4. We financed our student magazine by selling____________ space.

3          Noun + of + space

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

amount           sense               shortage          plenty

  1. It’s a big car with a generous ____________ of space inside.
  2. The light colours and the big windows give the room a real ____________ of space.
  3. No, you don’t need to move. I’ve got ____________ of space.
  4. There’s a____________ of office space in the centre of town at the moment, but there are plans to build a new block.


1.         Note this way of creating space:

We moved the furniture around to create more space.

2.         Note the following uses:

After working all morning without a break, I need a breathing space before starting the next job.

I left the party because I needed space to think things through.

3.         Note these time expressions:

It was a lot to absorb in a short space of time.

In the space of 24 hours, I had flown halfway round the world to Australia.

4.         Outer space is outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Wasn’t Gagarin the first man in space?

5.         Note these different kinds of space:

parking spaces            floor space                   working space

living space                 wall space                   shelf space

6.         People talk about their ‘personal space’:

Our office is very crowded. I need more personal space.



Ex 1: l. save 2. make 3. taking up 4. provided 5. make better use of 6. staring into 7. find 8. clear

Ex 2: 1. extra 2. blank 3. confined 4. storage 5. enclosed 6. narrow 7. open 8. advertising

Ex 3: 1. amount 2. sense 3. plenty 4. shortage

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