Improve your Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking & Writing – Key Word : A Supply of

A supply of

1    Verb + supply of

Use the correct form of these verbs :

control                         exhaust

have                            provide

  1. The new government has promised to ____________ a reliable supply of clean water to all rural communities.
  2. Make sure you ____________ an adequate supply of pens and pencils for the exam.
  3. Within three weeks they had____________ their supply of food and clean drinking water. Their supply of fuel had also run out, so they had to abandon the expedition.
  4. The police are desperate to arrest the big dealers who ____________ the supply of drugs to young people in the area.
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2     Common adjective collocations

Use the following adjectives in these sentences :

constant                      free

fresh                            good

inadequate                  limited

  1. If you don’t want to miss a bargain, then hurry along to our stores today. We only have a____________ supply of these DVD players in stock.
  2. The human body needs a ____________ supply of vitamin C every day, so make sure you eat fruit every day.
  3. The human brain needs a ____________ supply of blood. Even a short disruption of the supply can cause serious problems.
  4. There is an ____________ supply of skilled workers at the moment. => Yes, good people with the right qualifications are in short supply.
  5. Many nuclear power stations are located on the coast so that they are near to a ____________ supply of water.
  6. Family planning clinics provide a ____________ supply of contraceptives on request.

3    Good supply of

Complete the sentences with these words :

bad jokes                     labour

drink                           guns

money                         oil

  1. No, I can’t pay for your holiday. I don’t have an endless supply of ____________ you know!
  2. Saudi Arabia is self-sufficient in energy. It has an abundant supply of ____________.
  3. There was an unlimited supply of ____________ at the party. No wonder so many people have hangovers this morning.
  4. Many American companies build factories in the Far East where there is a plentiful supply of cheap ____________ .
  5. He seems to have an never-ending supply of ____________ . I don’t think I laughed once and couldn’t wait to get away.
  6. These people seem to have a limitless supply of ____________ and ammunition, but no food! I can’t understand it!

Answer Key

Ex 1: 1. provide          2. have             3. exhausted                4. control

Ex 2: 1. limited     2.fresh       3. constant 4. inadequate     5.            good     6. free

Ex 3: 1. money    2. oil    3. drink     4. labour     5. bad jokes     6. guns

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