Improve Your Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking & Writing – Key Word: warning


1          Verb + warning

Use the correct form of these verbs:

give                  heed

ignore              issue

serve as           shout

  1. Doctors have ___________ a warning against eating shellfish from the polluted beaches.
  2. Many people continue to ___________warnings about the dangers of sunbathing. They think it’ll never happen to them.
  3. They can’t complain. They were ___________ adequate warning that the factory was in danger of closing.
  4. He ___________ a warning as the piece of wood started to fall towards me.
  5. They failed to ___________ the warnings about the dangerous currents in the river. Both of them drowned.
  6. After passing sentence, the judge said that the punishment would ___________ a warning to all politicians who thought they were above the law.

2          Common adjective collocations

Use these adjectives in the sentences:

advance           health

final                   dire

  1. All cigarette packets must carry a government ___________ warning.
  2. The referee gave the player a ___________ warning. Next time, he would be sent off.
  3. I can prepare the food for the party. Just give me ___________ warning of how many people to expect.
  4. Environmentalists are always issuing ___________ warnings to us about global warming.

prior                stern                written             clear

  1. By law, employers have to give you a ___________ warning before they can dismiss you.
  2. Paragliding can be dangerous, so all participants get a ___________ warning of the risks involved.
  3. The judge sent the driver to prison and issued a ___________ warning about drinking and driving.
  4. The whole class agrees that we should be given ___________ warning of a test. It’s not fair just to spring it on us without any warning.

3          Expressions with prepositions

Use the prepositions in the sentences:

to         without            for            of

  1. The soldiers opened fire ___________ warning.
  2. Just a word ___________ warning – there are speed cameras about 5 miles outside Bideford.
  3. That’s what happens when you work too hard. Let it be a warning___________ you!
  4. Thanks. I would have crashed into the car in front, but ___________ your warning.


1.         Note the following:

The warning sign said ‘Caution – Danger of Ice’.

The police fired warning shots above the heads of the crowd, but the protesters took no notice.

2.         Note the following:

I was stopped by the police for speeding, but I was let off with a warning.

3.         If you ‘heed’ a warning, you pay attention to it:

The company consistently failed to heed warnings about the safety of its equipment

4.         An ‘early warning system’ is a defence system that warns of imminent attack.

5.         Nowadays we get warnings about: the dangers of smoking / speeding / eating too much etc.

6.         Note the expression – as a warning to:

The prisoners were publicly flogged as a warning to others not to try to escape.



Ex 1: 1. issued    2. ignore    3. given   4. shouted    5. heed   6. serve as

Ex 2: 1. health    2. final    3. advance   4. dire    5. written    6. clear    7. stern    8. prior

Ex 3: 1. without      2. of                     3. to                 4. for

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