Improve Your Vocabulary to Ace The IELTS – Key Word: an act of

an act of

Act of + noun

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

generosity                    terrorism

revenge                       mercy

  1. The hijackers released two elderly hostages as an act of ___________. Both had serious heart conditions and needed urgent medical attention.
  2. The gift of his whole art collection to the nation was an act of incredible ___________.
  3. Police believe that the murder of two policemen last night was an act of ___________for the shooting of two gangsters in the recent bank robbery.
  4. The attacks of September 11th were the worst acts of ___________ ever committed on American soil.

faith                             desperation

treason                        God

  1. Colonel Briggs was found guilty of selling information to the enemy. The punishment for such an act of ___________ could only be execution by firing squad.
  2. I’m not sure that your project has much chance of succeeding, but as an act of ___________ will lend you the money you require to get started.
  3. In order to escape from the hunters, the tiger leapt from a 100-metre cliff into the river below. It was an act of sheer ___________ .
  4. We’re insured against things like fire, burglary, earthquakes or what insurance companies call an act of ___________ !


1 mercy           2. generosity                3. revenge                    4. terrorism

5 treason          6. faith                         7. desperation              8. God


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