Improve your Vocabulary to Boost your IELTS Score – Key Word : Reason


1          Verb + reason

Use the correct form of these verbs :

explain            have

give                  understand

know               see

  1. Mel and Frank_____________ every reason to be unhappy. He lost his job last year and now she’s been told she might lose hers!
  2. I_____________ no reason for us to depart from our usual practices in this hospital. We will treat the Prime Minister just like any other patient.
  3. I could _____________ you any number of reasons for not going to Elizabeth’s party. But just tell her that I’m not feeling very well.
  4. I’d like to_____________ the reason why you’re so late.
  5. He died suddenly at the age of 21 and the doctors are at a loss to _____________ the reason for his sudden death. A second autopsy will have to be held.
  6. I don’t _____________ the reason why computers can’t repair themselves. I would have thought someone could write a program.

Go back and underline the verb collocations.

2          Common adjective collocations

Use the following adjectives in these sentences :

apparent                      main

particular                    simple

sentimental                 valid

  1. Our son isn’t going to university for the _____________ reason that he can’t afford it. And neither can we.
  2. Why do you want to know her name? > Oh, no_____________ reason. I was just wondering.
  3. She kept all her late husband’s letters and diaries for _____________ reasons. They reminded her of all the good times that they had together.
  4. Do you have a_____________ reason for being absent from work or did you just take a day off?
  5. For no _____________  reason, the man opposite me in the train suddenly got up and started screaming and shouting. I think he must have been ill.
  6. The Guardian may be left-wing, but that’s not why I buy it. The _____________ reason I read it is because it reports places that other papers don’t.

 3         Common expressions

Complete the sentences with these words :

for                   to                     why

  1. The wonderful weather in the winter is our main reason ___________ choosing to live in Portugal.
  2. There’s no earthly reason ___________ you should feel guilty. The accident had nothing to do with you.
  3. There’s no reason___________ be concerned. He has a temperature, but he’ll be fine in the morning.
  4. There’s no rhyme or reason___________ her behaviour. One day she’s nice, the next she’s really nasty.
  5. I expect there’s some good reason___________ them not turning up. I’m sure they’ll phone.
  6. There’s no reason___________ we shouldn’t win. We have the best players and they’re on top form.
  7. Sue had every reason ___________ be angry. Jerry shouldn’t have taken her car without her permission.

1.         When you can’t explain something, you can use these expressions:

For some reason, I just didn’t like him.

For some unaccountable reason, my letter of application never arrived at the office.

For some obscure reason, he keeps his money in his left shoe.

He’s desperately ill, but for some perverse reason he refuses to see a doctor.

2.         Note these types of reason:

She wants to change her job for purely personal reasons.

The man cannot be named for legal reasons.

There’s no compelling reason to act. (really important)

3.         Note the following expressions:

For obvious reasons we have changed the names of the people in the article.

The building has been closed for reasons of public safety.

Due to reasons beyond our control, the 4.15 flight to Edinburgh has been cancelled.

For reasons best known to herself, she gave up her job and left town.

Why do you ignore him? => I have my reasons. (which I’m not telling you.)

Answer Key

Ex 1 : l. have     2. see     3.give      4. know    5. explain   6. understand

Ex 2 : 1. simple     2. particular    3.sentimental    4. valid     5. apparent    6. main

Ex 3 : l. for     2. why     3. to      4. for    5. for       6. why        7. to

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