Improve Your Vocabulary to Hike up Your IELTS Score – Key Word: a piece of

a piece of

Adjective + piece of

Use the following adjectives in these sentences:

best                                blank                    clever               worst

excellent                      favourite          sensitive           incredible

  1. What’s your ____________ piece of music? Mine’s the second movement from Mozart’s Piano Concerto no. 21.
  2. That’s the ____________ piece of news I’ve heard for a long time! Congratulations!
  3. A doctor just happened to be passing by as my baby choked on a sweet. She managed to save his life. It was an ____________piece of  luck.
  4. I stared at the____________ piece of paper. I had no idea how I was going to answer the question.
  5. They managed to trace the killer from a very small amount of DNA evidence left behind at the crime scene. It was a very____________ piece of detective work.
  6. Her article on the misuse of public money by local councillors was an____________ piece of investigative journalism.
  7. The movement of the patient’s eyes are recorded on a highly ____________ piece of equipment which gives extremely accurate readings.
  8. This is the ____________ piece of writing I have ever read in my life. I think you’d better start again from scratch.


  1. favourite 2. best  3. incredible 4. blank 5. clever 6. excellent 7. sensitive 8. worst

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