Increase Your IELTS Vocabulary Score – Collocation of Moment

Key word: moment

1          Verb + moment

Use the correct form of these verbs:

have                dread              last                   pause   for

spare               take                 wait                 choose

  1. Could you look through my report when you ________ a moment or two?
  2. As I boarded the plane, I began to panic, but thankfully, the feeling only________ a moment.
  3. Don’t worry. You won’t feel a thing. This won’t ________ a moment.
  4. I’m terribly busy. I can only________ a few moments, I’m afraid. Now, what was it about?
  5. Could you________ a moment, please. I’ll be with you as soon as I can.
  6. It was now my turn to make a speech. This was the moment I had been________ all day.
  7. The headmaster is in a terrible mood today. If you want to speak to him, you should________ your moment very carefully!
  8. The lecturer________ a moment and asked if there were any questions.

2          Common adjective collocations

Choose the more natural collocation from the pairs below:

  1. Sorry, have I caught you at a________ moment? Would it be better if I called back later? (bad / terrible)
  2. Her finest moment came when she won a gold medal at the Olympics. She said it was the________             moment of her life. (luckiest / proudest)
  3. My most________ moment was when I was out with my wife shopping and we bumped into one of my ex-girlfriends. (embarrassing / embarrassed)
  4. For one________ moment, we thought the climber was going to fall. (dreadful / bad)
  5. The new exhibition in the National Museum covers the________ moments of Sweden’s history. (best / key)
  6. I’ve been so busy today — I’m still waiting for a________ moment when I can grab a sandwich. (calm / quiet)
  7. There were a few________ moments as the plane came in to land in last night’s storm. (anxious / worried)
  8. There was a________ moment of calm and we were able to take off. (short / brief)
  9. Why do you always leave things to the ________ moment? (final / last)
  10. At the________ moment Dave said ‘I do’, who do you think walked into the church? Celia, his ex-wife! (precise / crucial)

3          Word grammar

Match the two halves of these sentences:

  1. I’m waiting for the right moment
  2. Gaining independence was a great moment
  3. A tourist managed to capture
  4. There’s no news, but I’ll call you
  5. I spent a few moments
  6. The team jumped up and down,

a          the awful moment on film.

b          the moment I hear anything.

c          savouring their moment of victory.

d          to break the bad news that he’s failed.

e          in the country’s history.

f           thinking about what I was going to say.

4          Preposition + moment

Use a suitable preposition in the sentences:

  1. I loved you________ the very first moment I saw you.
  2. I’m just going to the canteen. I’ll be back a________ moment.
  3. Why do you always leave it________ the last possible moment before packing your bags?
  4. Doctor Ferguson is busy________ the moment. Can I take a message?
  5. Would you mind looking after my bag________ a moment while I buy a ticket?
  6. Peter left the room quietly. We followed him ________ a few moments.


1.         Note the following expressions:

At this moment in time, we don’t know the outcome.

You have to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

2.         If you do something ‘on the spur of the moment’, you do it without planning:

I decided to go with them on the spur of the moment.



Ex 1:

l have               2. lasted           3. take                         4. spare            5. wait

6 dreading       7. choose         8. paused for

Ex 2:

l bad 2. proudest 3. embarrassing 4. dreadful 5. key

6 quiet 7. anxious 8. brief 9. last 10. precise

Ex 3:

l-d        2-e       3-a       4-b      5-f       6-c

Ex 4:

  1. from        2. in             3. to                 4. at                 5. for               6. after


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