Increase Your IELTS Vocabulary Score – Collocation of Proposal

Key word: proposal

1          Verb + proposal

Use the correct form of these verbs:

approve           consider                      change

back                put forward                 ditch

  1. Your new proposals are excellent. Make sure you have costed them carefully before you ___________ them___________ at the next meeting of the board.
  2. In the present economic climate, it will be an uphill struggle to get the new proposals for an increase in research spending ______________ .
  3. The President was forced to______________ his proposals for a new space programme after Congress rejected it.
  4. Now that I’ve had a chance to ______________ your  proposal in more detail, I’m not so sure it’s such a good idea after all.
  5. The original proposals for the superstore had to be ______________ after objections were lodged by local residents.
  6. I hope you’re going to ______________ my proposal to have the staffroom redecorated. I need your support.

Go back and underline the verb collocations.

2          Proposal + verb

Use the correct form of these verbs: 

aim at                          allow                           go ahead

backfire                       meet with                    work

  1. These new proposals would ____________ more people to buy their own homes.
  2. Your proposal is all very well in theory, but I don’t think it will _______________ in practice.
  3. The proposal to increase the managing director’s salary by 50% ____________ stiff opposition from shareholders at the company AGM.
  4. I don’t think the latest proposals, ____________ breaking the political stalemate in the Middle East, have much chance of success.
  5. Despite strong objections from the public, the proposal to de-nationalise water, ____________ and now we’re all paying more for it.
  6. The Progressive Party’s proposal to hold an enquiry into corruption , ____________ when it was disclosed that several party officials have been arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes!

 3         Noun + preposition + proposal

Complete the sentences with these expressions:

concern over               consideration of                      in favour of

close look at                reactions to                             support for

  1. After careful ____________ your proposal, I regret to say that we were unable to give it our approval.
  2. A recent poll suggests there is widespread ____________   the proposal to spend more on the health service.
  1. So far, ____________ the proposal for a new community newspaper have been favourable.
  2. Leading scientists have voiced their ____________ proposals to build five more nuclear power stations before 2020.
  3. Everyone ____________ this proposal, please raise your hand.
  4. We will be taking a ____________ the latest proposals in the next few weeks to see if they are viable in the long term.


1.         In 1-2 accepted is also possible.

2.         Note the following expressions:

Under the original proposal, most families would have been £30 a week better off.

3.         Note the verb-adverb collocations in the following:

The party voted overwhelmingly against the proposal to increase taxes.

The proposal for a new theatre was unanimously approved by the city council. They gave it their full backing.

4.         A proposal also means an offer of marriage:

Martin was heartbroken when I rejected his proposal.



Ex 1:

1. put… forward 2. approved 3. ditch 4. consider 5. changed 6. back

Ex 2:

1. allow 2. work 3. met with 4. aimed at 5. went ahead 6. backfired

Ex 3:

  1. consideration of 2. support for 3. reactions to
  2. concern over 5. in favour of 6. close look at

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