Increase your IELTS Vocabulary Score – Collocation of Record

In IELTS speaking, collocation is very important and this will help in the lexical resource as well as a common vocabulary. Collocations are 2 or more words that naturally go together. These words will help you in boosting up your vocabulary in the IELTS examination.

Keyword: Record

1. Verb + record (highest / best)

Use the correct form of these verbs :

break               hold                 reach

knock              set                    stand

  1. The footballer Rivaldo ____________ a new record for the amount of money paid for a footballer when he joined the Barcelona team.
  2. Unemployment has____________ an all-time record of 4 million.
  3. Maurice Green____________ the world record for the 100 meters and for a time was the fastest man on earth.
  4. The movie Titanic____________ all box-office records, making more money than any other film before.
  5. Everyone knew she was going to beat the world marathon record, but she actually____________ over two minutes off it!
  6. The world long jump record ____________ for over 20 years until Bob Beamon smashed it with one enormous leap at the Mexico City Olympics.

2. Noun + noun collocations

Use these nouns to complete the sentences :

turnout                        time                 number           low

  1. There’s been a record ____________ of applications for the job.
  2. I left an hour earlier than usual and I got to work in record ____________.
  3. The euro was down again. In fact, it hit a record ____________ against the pound at the close of trading yesterday.
  4. There’s a record ____________ for this year’s London marathon. More than 50,000 want to run the race.

audience         profits              temperatures               levels

  1. Drug use amongst young people has risen to record ____________ .
  2. This year’s Glastonbury rock festival attracted a record ____________ with 40,000 fans flocking to hear their favorite bands.
  3. The company has made record____________ this year.
  4. We’ve seen record____________ this summer – the highest since records began.

3. Adjective + record (written account)

Use the following adjectives in these sentences :

accurate          confidential                 dental              official

  1. Many of the bodies recovered from the crash could only be identified by their ____________ records.
  2. ____________  records must be kept in case the tax authorities arrive to inspect us.
  3. Your medical records are strictly ____________ . Only you and your doctor have access to them.
  4. All births, deaths and marriages are entered in the ____________ records. Most of these records have been computerized in recent years.

4. Adjective + record (the past)

Complete the sentences with these words :

clean               criminal          past

poor                 safety               track

  1. The country has been criticised for its very ____________ record on human rights.
  2. I have no doubts about investing in this company. They have a proven ____________ record.
  3. He has a ____________ record as long as your arm, so he’s well-known to the police!
  4. I’d never fly with an airline that has a bad ____________ record, would you?
  5. The defendant got off relatively lightly because the judge took his ____________ record into account when passing sentence.
  6. I can’t see him getting the job. His ____________ record will weigh heavily against him.

1. To get to the truth is to ‘set the record straight’:

I’m determined to set the record straight this time!

2. If something is ‘in the records’, it is in the archives:

If you search the records, you’ll find he was married.

3. Record also has another meaning:

Some people still prefer vinyl records to CDs.

4. If you speak ‘off the record’, it is not official:

Off the record, he has no hope of getting this job.

5. If something is ‘on record’, it is on a file:

The PM is on the record as saying he is pro-Europe.

Answer Key

Ex 1 :

  1. set
  2. reached
  3. held
  4. broke
  5. knocked
  6. stood

Ex 2 :

  1. number
  2. time
  3. low
  4. turnout
  5. levels
  6. audience
  7. profits
  8. temperatures

Ex 3 :

  1. dental
  2. Accurate
  3. confidential
  4. official

Ex 4 :

  1. poor
  2. track
  3. criminal
  4. safety
  5. clean
  6. past

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