Increase Your IELTS Vocabulary Score – Collocation of Responsibility

Keyword: responsibility

1          Verb + responsibility

Use the correct form of these verbs:

accept              assume            claim

deny                have                lie

  1. As a security officer, I ____________ the responsibility for ensuring that nothing is stolen from the office.
  2. The club does not ____________ responsibility for loss of or damage to club members’ personal property.
  3. No terrorist organisation has yet ____________ responsibility for this latest bomb outrage.
  4. The problem is out of my hands now that Derek Winton has ____________ responsibility for the business. He took over full responsibility for the running of the firm last week.
  5. The rail company are trying to evade responsibility for the disaster. I don’t know how they can possibly ____________ responsibility for an accident which involved their trains.
  6. We must be clear about where the responsibility ____________ .    Personally, I think the responsibility for the present crisis rests squarely on the government.

2          Common adjective collocations

Use the following adjectives in these sentences:

diminished                  equal               extra

full                                 huge                overall

  1. Being the captain of the team is a ____________ responsibility. A lot rests on your shoulders. I think it takes a special kind of person to deal with such a heavy responsibility.
  2. I’m only in charge of the lower school. The person with ____________     responsibility for the whole school is the headmaster.
  3. I don’t feel ready to take on new or   ____________ responsibilities at the moment.
  4. I think that working parents should take ____________ responsibility for their children’s upbringing and education. They need to share the responsibility.
  5. I won’t try to make any excuses. I accept responsibility for my mistake.
  6. The accused pleaded not guilty on the grounds of ____________   responsibility. He claimed that he had been under a lot of stress at the time of the crime.

3          Noun + of + responsibility

Complete the sentences below with these nouns:

abdication                   area                 delegation

position                       range               sense

  1. The job is a demanding one, involving a wide ____________ of responsibilities.
  2. For a person in a ____________ of such responsibility, the managing director’s conduct at the meeting was unacceptable.
  3. We hope that their visit to the retirement home will instil in the children a ____________ of responsibility towards the elderly in the community.
  4. I’m afraid you’re complaining to the wrong person. This matter is outside my __________ of responsibility.
  5. There had been a complete __________ of responsibility in the ferry company. Nobody will accept any responsibility for the disaster in which 350 people lost their lives.
  6. A key factor in managing a successful business is the__________ of responsibility.


1.         In 1-3 ‘admitted’ is also possible.

2.         Note the expression ‘sole responsibility’:

Our office has sole responsibility for UK sales.

3.         Note the following ways of accepting responsibility:

Remember. It’s your decision and you must bear the responsibility if things go wrong.

Each of us must take responsibility for our own health.

 He’s an adult now and he has to learn to face up to his responsibilities.

It is usually women who shoulder the major responsibility for the care of elderly relatives.

Which government minister carries responsibility for the police?

4.         We talk of legal, social, and moral responsibilities.

5.         Note how we use responsibility to talk about duties:

Your responsibilities will include answering the phone and dealing with the mail.

A doctor’s first responsibility is to his patients.

The kitchen is your responsibility, so keep it clean.

He couldn’t accept his family responsibilities and left his wife and young son.



Ex 1: l. have  2. accept  3. claimed  4. assumed    5. deny    6. lies

Ex 2: l. huge  2. overall  3. extra     4. equal     5. full      6. diminished

Ex 3: 1. range  2. position  3. sense    4. area     5. abdication     6. delegation

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