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PTE Score Card

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my PTE scorecard?

Candidates can check their PTE Academic scorecards online. Candidates will receive an email regarding their PTE exam with instructions on how to check their results online within 2 working days of taking the exam. Candidates are required to log in to their myPTE account that was created to book their test to check their results.

Can I review my PTE score?

Since the PTE assesses a candidate’s performance using a computer scoring system, it is unlikely that an already awarded score will change. The only answers that are recorded are spoken responses and open-ended written responses. However, candidates can request a rescore only once per test registration.

Can I combine two PTE results?

PTE results can only be combined to make a candidate’s overall score more than 65 for nursing registration. The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council has announced that up to two language test results can be combined if both are taken within a period of 6 months. Thus, enabling candidates to achieve a minimum score of 65 in each section of the PTE Academic Test and meet the requirement of skill assessment in one day. Other than this, two PTE results cannot be combined for other immigration purposes.

Why are PTE results delayed?

The PTE test results can be delayed for three primary reasons. One of the reasons for test result delay can be technical issues with the central processing computer at the test centre of a candidate. Secondly, it can be delayed if multiple PTE accounts are found for the same candidate. Finally, if the PTE test of a candidate has audio issues, this can also lead to a delay in the test results.

What should I do if I haven’t received my PTE score?

There are two instances where a candidate might not have received their PTE score. If it has been five days or less from the date of the PTE exam, candidates should wait for an email regarding their scores from Pearson. If it has been more than five days since the examination date and candidates have not received their scores, it is advisable to check their email junk/spam folders. Candidates can also log in to their myPTE account to check if their results are available.

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