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How long do you need to prepare for PTE?

The PTE Academic is a suave English language proficiency test that can be complicated for candidates, especially non-native speakers of English. Thus, it is always better to prepare for the PTE to the best of your abilities. Although the preparation time for the PTE differs from one individual to the other, candidates should allot atleast four to six weeks for preparation

How can I prepare for PTE at home?

The preparation method for the PTE examination depends on various personal factors of a candidate. Self-preparation is a prevalent approach for PTE preparation, and it has proven to be highly effective for many candidates. In order to prepare for the PTE exam at home, candidates should: Prepare and follow a routine, Familiarize themselves with the exam format, Sit for regular mock tests, Practice sample questions to understand the requirements of the PTE.

What is the most scoring part in PTE?

All sections of the PTE exam are considered essential to achieve a decent score. However, according to popular opinion, the Speaking portion of the exam is considered the most scoring and easiest, especially question types like Read Aloud and Describe Image. Thus, if candidates can prepare themselves for this section and speak with confidence and correct pronunciation and fluency, they can score well in this section.

What is partial credit scoring in the PTE?

PTE Academic questions can be categorized into two categories based on scoring. The first one is Full/No Credit questions (Correct/Incorrect answers), which means candidates will either get full marks or no marks for their responses. The second one is Partial-Credit questions (Partly correct/incorrect answers), which means candidates will get a partial score if a part of their response is correct and not lose the whole mark.

Which parts of the PTE has negative marking?

The PTE test does not involve negative marking for most of the questions. However, there are 3 question types where negative marking applies in which candidates can lose points for incorrect answers. They are Multiple-Choice questions from the Reading section and the Listening section, and the Highlight Incorrect Words from the Listening section.

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