Use Collocation to Ace the IELTS – Key Word: a lack of

a lack of

1          Lack of + noun

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

experience                               sleep

facilities                                   progress

understanding                        practice

  1. I’ve lost some of my skiing skills through lack of _______________ . I haven’t skied for the last two winters.
  2. We complained to the local authority about the lack of recycling _______________ in the town.
  3. The lack of _______________ finally caught up with me, and I began to doze off in the meeting.
  4. His comments showed a complete lack of _______________ of the problem.
  5. The President expressed his disappointment at the lack of _______________ in the peace talks.
  6. Lack of _______________ will generally count against you in a job interview.

2          Lack of + noun

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

enthusiasm                 self-confidence

exercise                       investment

  1. A lack of _______________ over the years has led to a general decline in public transport.
  2. Her lack of _______________ makes her feel awkward and uncomfortable in social situations.
  3. A lack of regular _______________ increases the risk of heart disease.
  4. Naturally, his parents are concerned at his lack of _______________ for school.

interest            people              privacy                        respect

  1. He shows a lack of _______________ for authority and is always getting into trouble.
  2. Lots of film stars complain about the lack of _______________ in their lives, but there’s nothing they like better than publicity.
  3. The concert has been cancelled owing to a lack of _______________ from the public.
  4. When we appealed for volunteers to help clean up the beach, there was no lack of _______________ who came forward to offer their time.


Ex 1: 1. practice 2.facilities 3. sleep 4. understanding 5. progress 6. experience

Ex 2:

1 investment                2. self-confidence       3. exercise

4 enthusiasm               5. respect         6. privacy       7. interest        8. people

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