Use Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: meeting


1          Verb + meeting

Use the correct form of these verbs:

attend                          break up                      chair

drag on                       hold                             postpone

  1. The meeting tonight will be____________ in the school hall. I thought it was going to be in the community centre.
  2. Who is going to ____________ the meeting? Until we have an election for the committee, we need a volunteer.
  3. I was told that the meeting would close at 10 pm, but it didn’t ____________ until after midnight.
  4. I couldn’t ____________ the meeting due to my busy schedule, so I sent my apologies.
  5. Something urgent has come up. Could we ____________ our meeting till tomorrow or will we just have to cancel it? > Don’t worry. I’ll get my secretary to rearrange the meeting for next week.
  6. I was so bored at yesterday’s meeting. I fell asleep on more than one occasion. The meeting seemed to ____________ and on for hours.

2          Common adjective collocations

Complete the sentences below with the following:

chance                                    first                  well-run                      public

emergency                  private             staff                 important

  1. There will be a____________ meeting at the town hall tomorrow to discuss the controversial plans to build a supermarket on the school playing fields.
  2. A____________ meeting with a publisher on a train led to my career as a writer.
  3. The Prime Minister called an ____________ meeting of the Cabinet to discuss the crisis in Iraq.
  4. The two Presidents had a____________ meeting at the airport before they made a statement to the waiting press about the crisis.
  5. Missing my flight cost me dear! It meant I missed an extremely ____________ finance meeting.
  6. The headmaster announced his retirement at the last ____________ meeting of the academic year.
  7. I liked Jean right from our very ____________ meeting.
  8. Thanks to our excellent chairman, our meetings are very ____________ .

 3         Organising meetings

Choose the correct verb in the following and use it in its correct form:

  1. Could you telephone me to____________ a meeting? (arrange / re-order)
  2. We need to talk to them about this. I’ll ____________ a meeting for next week, (mend / fix)
  3. I’ve ____________ a meeting with the director for Friday afternoon. Let me know if you can make it. (pencil in / pencil)
  4. I’ll try to____________ a meeting with the lawyer for Friday to get these documents signed. (set down / set up)
  5. A few unexpected problems have arisen, so they’ve ____________ an urgent meeting for this evening. (call / ring)

4          During a meeting

Complete the expressions in colour using the correct form of these verbs:

adjourn                       appoint            call

excuse                         start                 leave

At 2pm the chairman  ____________ the meeting to order. As several of us hadn’t met before, we____________ the meeting by introducing ourselves. Then John Wilson was ____________to take the minutes of the meeting. We then started to work our way through the agenda for the meeting. At 5.30, Angela Thomas____________ herself from the meeting and several others said that they had to____________ the meeting by six o’clock. As a result, the chairman decided to____________ the meeting until 10 the next morning.



1.         A meeting place is a building or place where people meet regularly:

The café at the comer of Bread Street is a popular meeting place for young people.

2.         Meeting also means a game or competition:

This will be the fifth meeting this season between the two clubs.

3.         A ‘meeting of minds’ is when people have the same opinions or ideas:

At the peace conference there was a real meeting of minds between the two leaders – at last!



Ex 1:

  1. held 2. chair 3. break up    4. attend     5. postpone    6. drag on

Ex 2:

  1. public 2. chance 3. emergency    4. private    5. important    6. staff    7. first   8. well-run

Ex 3:

  1. arrange 2. fix     3. pencilled in      4. set up      5. called

Ex 4:

  1. called 2. started 3. appointed      4. excused     5. leave     6. adjourn


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