Use Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: suggestion


1          Verb + suggestion

Use the correct form of the verbs:

agree to                       have

ignore                          reject

make                           welcome

  1. Can I___________ a suggestion? Try turning the key in the opposite direction. I’m sure that’ll work.
  2. Have you got a few minutes to spare? I ___________ a suggestion I want to put to you.
  3. I know it’s not a good idea. I only___________ her suggestion in order not to upset her.
  4. Please use the form provided to make any comments on your stay at our hotel. We would___________ any suggestions you have for improving our services to our customers.
  5. You can ___________ my suggestion if you like, but do any of you have a better idea?
  6. It may seem silly to suggest that we go back to the planning stage again, but I don’t think we should ___________ his suggestion without thinking seriously about it.

Go back and underline the verb collocations.

2          Common adjective collocations

Use the following adjectives in these sentences:

better               tentative

bizarre             best

serious             useful

  1. OK, the food isn’t that great, but it’s the only place I know that’s open. Have any of you got a___________ suggestion?
  2. Why are you laughing? This is a perfectly ___________ suggestion!
  3. I know this new plan is only ___________  at the moment, but I think we should take it seriously and adopt it.
  4. The report contained no___________ suggestions on how to improve the company’s performance and profitability. What a waste of money!
  5. A fancy-dress bike ride! What a ___________suggestion! Don’t we have any more sensible ways of raising money?
  6. Sack the boss! Now that’s the___________ suggestion we’ve had all morning!

Go back and underline all the collocations.

3          Good and bad suggestions

Divide the sentences below into two groups:

a / those describing good suggestions

b / those describing bad suggestions

  1. To be perfectly honest, I think that suggestion is utterly ridiculous!
  2. I was mocked for making such a stupid suggestion.
  3. That’s the first sensible suggestion he’s made since he started working here.
  4. That’s an excellent suggestion! Why didn’t I think of that myself!
  5. What an absurd suggestion! Nobody will agree to that!
  6. Thank you. That’s a very constructive suggestion.
  7. Your suggestion is preposterous! Nobody can afford a 10% pay rise!
  8. The suggestion that I have been having an affair with our secretary is outrageous! I’ve never heard anything like it!


1.         Note the difference in meaning between the two underlined expressions:

I have a few favourite dishes that I tend to order but I’m always open to new suggestions.

(I am willing to try something new.)

I am a good listener and I’m always open to suggestion.

(I am willing to listen to and to consider other people’s suggestions.)

2.         Note the following ways of rejecting suggestions:

I don’t think my boss values me at all. He knocks every suggestion I make.

Well, your suggestion that we take a cut in salary to help the company went down like a lead balloon.

My suggestion was dismissed out of hand. It was given no thought or consideration at all.

I shall treat that suggestion with the contempt it deserves.

3.         If there is ‘a suggestion of something’, it means there is a suspicion or possibility that it is true:

The police have denied any suggestion of involvement in the prisoner’s death.

The company rejected any suggestion that it was to blame for the accident.



Ex 1:  l. make    2. have    3. agreed to    4. welcome    5. ignore / reject    6. reject

Ex 2:  1. better    2. serious    3. tentative   4. useful   5. bizarre   6. best

Ex 3:

good suggestions = 3,4, 6

bad suggestions = 1, 2, 5, 7, 8

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