Use Collocation to Improve Your IELTS Score – Key Word: a series of

a series of

1          Series of + noun

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

results              events              explosions                   lectures

murders          strikes              reports                         tests

  1. We’ll need to put you through a series of _____________ to discover what is wrong with you.
  2. The police are trying to determine the series of _____________ that led up to the disappearance of the child.
  3. Leeds City Football Club have sacked their manager after a series of disappointing _____________ .
  4. A series of unsolved _____________ in Berlin have raised fears that a serial killer is on the loose.
  5. Professor Wilson will give a series of _____________ at Glasgow University this spring on contemporary Scottish poets.
  6. The staff have voted to stage a series of one-day _____________ to express their opposition to the proposed job losses.
  7. There was a series of _____________ then the plane broke up and fell to the ground.
  8. Tonight’s is the last in a series of _____________ about what life is like for the ordinary people of Iraq.

2          Series of + noun

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

articles                           attacks

crimes                            disagreements

earthquakes                scandals

  1. The company’s reputation has been damaged by a series of financial _____________ .
  2. The explosion at the station was just the latest in an unending series of terrorist _____________ .
  3. The Telegraph is publishing a series of _____________ on healthy eating.
  4. After a series of_____________ the singer and his song-writer have decided to end their partnership.
  5. A series of _____________ struck Turkey, killing at least 500 people, and destroying about 9000 homes.
  6. He was arrested at Heathrow airport and he is expected to stand trial for a series of drug-related _____________.


Ex 1: 1. tests 2. events 3. results 4. murders 5. lectures 6. strikes 7. explosions 8. reports

Ex 2: 1. scandals 2. attacks 3. articles 4. disagreements 5. earthquakes 6. crimes

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