Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: a part of

a part of

1          Part of + noun

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

bargain           blame                          life                   problem

day                  treatment                     story                experience

  1. Management will have to take part of the ___________ for the failure of the project.
  2. We spent part of the___________ in the art gallery, looking at their incredible collection of Picassos.
  3. Going bungee jumping is all part of the ___________ of spending a gap year in New Zealand.
  4. Yes, I’ll lend you my car if you let me use your flat next month, but how do I know if you’ll keep your part of the ___________ ?
  5. Voters feel they have only been given part of the ___________ . They believe that the government is keeping vital information from them.
  6. The doctor uses hypnosis as part of the ___________ for people who have a fear of flying.
  7. I think part of his ___________ is that he finds it difficult to work as a member of a team.
  8. He lived and worked in London for most of his career, but the early part of his___________ was spent in Madrid.

2          Part of + noun

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

 ageing process                        diet                  speech             everyday life

education system                    job                   team                growing up

  1. Most people believe that sitting exams is a vital part of the ___________ .
  2. Computers and the internet have become part of___________ nowadays.
  3. Learning to take responsibility for yourself is an important part of ___________ .
  4. Fresh fruit and vegetables form an essential part of a healthy ___________ .
  5. Firefighters face danger every day, but they accept the risks as part of the ___________ .
  6. I’m part of the ___________ of scientists who are trying to find a cure for MS.
  7. The gradual loss of memory is a normal part of the ___________.
  8. Parts of his ___________ were excellent, but as a whole I didn’t think much of it.


Ex 1: 1. blame 2. day 3. experience 4. bargain 5. story 6. treatment 7. problem 8. life

Ex 2:

1 education system     2. everyday life           3. growing up

4 diet               5. job               6. team           7. ageing process         8. speech

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