Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: a range of

a range of

1          Range of + noun

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

activities                      options            products                      issues

models                         opinions          subjects                       uses

  1. For someone with your qualifications, there is a huge range of ___________ open to you. The careers advisory service are here to help you make the best decision.
  2. Oil is a very important substance because it has a wide range of industrial __________ .
  3. The speaker will deal with a broad range of ___________ affecting the teaching profession.
  4. The La Manga complex offers a wide range of sporting___________ for both children and adults.
  5. Each student’s ability is tested across a wide range of___________ .
  6. There is such a broad range of___________ on this issue that I can’t see them reaching any kind of agreement.
  7. Our company is introducing a new range of beauty ___________ later this year.
  8. Ford offers a wide range of ___________ from small family cars to luxury limousines.

2          Verb + range of

Use the correct form of these verbs:

tackle               come               cover

meet                offer                stock

  1. The council ____________a range of services free of charge to those over 65.
  2. The articles in this new men’s magazine ____________ a broad range of topics, from sport to politics.
  3. We ____________ a wide range of furniture and we’re sure you’ll find what you need in one of our stores.
  4. I have to travel a lot, so I____________ a broad range of people in my daily life.
  5. The job has variety – you will have to ____________ a wide range of tasks.
  6. The curtains____________ in a wide range of colours and designs. Would you like us to send you our new catalogue?


Ex 1: 1. options 2. uses 3. issues 4. activities 5. subjects 6. opinions 7. products 8. models

Ex 2: 1. offers 2. cover 3. stock 4. meet 5. tackle 6.   come

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