Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: a sense of

a sense of

1          Sense of (feeling)

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

community                  achievement

alarm                          loss

  1. Passing my driving test first time gave me a great sense of ______________ .
  2. We felt a growing sense of ______________ when my daughter had not returned home by midnight. She said she’d be home by 11.
  3. There’s a real sense of ______________in this neighbourhood. Everybody is very caring and friendly.
  4. He felt a deep sense of ______________ after the death of his wife.

outrage                        importance

well-being                   security

  1. Helmets can give cyclists a false sense of _____________ . They don’t give riders as much protection as they think.
  2. She is big-headed and has an exaggerated sense of her own            ______________.
  3. As the anaesthetic began to take effect, I had a great sense of ______________ .
  4. His racist remarks filled her with an overwhelming sense of ______________. She had to restrain herself from hitting him!

2          Sense of (ability)

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

balance                       direction          humour

smell                            taste

  1. I’m sure he’ll be able to find the house on his own. He has a pretty good sense of ______________.
  2. He doesn’t have much of a sense of ______________ . He never laughs at my jokes!
  3. I lose my sense of ______________ when I’ve got a cold, so 1 don’t really care what I eat.
  4. Gymnasts need a good sense of ______________ .
  5. Dogs have an acute sense of ______________ . That’s why they are used to search for hidden drugs and for people trapped in collapsed buildings.


Ex 1:

  1. achievement 2. alarm 3. community 4. loss 5. security 6. importance 7. well-being 8. outrage

Ex 2:

  1. direction 2. humour 3. taste 4. balance 5. smell

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