Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: a stage of

a stage of

Stage of + noun

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

campaign                    competition                 course

development                disease                         journey

  1. By the time his relatives called the doctor, old Harry was in the advanced stages of ______________ the and there was little the doctors could do for him except make him as comfortable as possible.
  2. All the British teams were eliminated in the knockout stage of the ______________ .
  3. Students are tested at the end of each stage of the ______________ .
  4. The children are at different stages of ______________ so they have to be taught in small groups.
  5. The last stage of our ______________ was by helicopter from the small airstrip to a tiny island 50 miles off the coast.
  6. At the half-way stage of the election ______________ Bill Clinton had a clear lead over Al Gore.

project             process                        game

  1. My manager likes to get personally involved in every stage of the decision-making______________ .
  2. Juventus scored twice in the early stages of the ______________ .
  3. These plans outline the various stages of the building ______________ .


1 disease     2. competition     3. course     4. development     5. journey

6 campaign     7. process     8. game     9. project

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