Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: Area

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Key word: area

1          Verb + area

Use the correct form of these verbs:

avoid               cover               develop            destroy

know               police               tour

  1. I’m sorry I don’t know where the high school is. Ask Jane. She ___________ the local area very well.
  2. Buxton is very central and it makes an ideal base for ___________ the area.
  3. The National Park ___________ an area of some 2000 square kilometres.
  4. Following the rise in crime, there are calls for more money to be spent on ___________ the area.
  5. Heathrow does its best to make sure planes ___________ flying over residential areas at night.
  6. The introduction of a good public transport system is essential for___________ that area of South Africa.
  7. Fires have ___________ huge areas of forest around Sydney for the second year running.

2          Verb phrases with prepositions

Complete the sentences with the following:

to                     in (x2)             off                outside

from                into                  over

  1. A lot of new people have moved___________ this area recently. It’s meant a big rise in house prices.
  2. Wreckage from the crashed plane was scattered ___________ a wide area.
  3. When an old Second World War bomb was discovered in a field, the police cordoned___________ the area with tape. People couldn’t go back to their houses till it was made safe.
  4. I know someone who has a house in a very select area of the city, but he chooses to live ___________ one of the most run-down areas of town!
  5. A man answering the suspect’s description was seen ___________ the area on the night of the crime.
  6. The government is desperately trying to attract industry___________ this area.
  7. Thousands of refugees are fleeing ___________ the war- torn area.
  8. Although the murders were all in and around Manchester, we know from his Welsh accent that the murderer comes from ___________ the area.

3          Common adjective collocations

Use these adjectives to complete the sentences:

built-up           deprived          disaster            immediate

remote             restricted         rural                surrounding

  1. The new scheme will provide special help to poor people living in___________ areas.
  2. The all-day tour takes in Naples and the ___________ area.
  3. There are no leisure facilities in the ___________ area, so we have to travel across town to the nearest swimming pool.
  4. The village is in a ___________ area of the island, accessible only by helicopter or boat.
  5. I received a £100 fine for speeding in a ___________ area.
  6. I’m sorry, I must ask you to leave. This is a ___________ area – you need a pass to enter.
  7. Following the earthquake, aid is being rushed to the ___________ area.
  8. Bus services in urban areas are excellent, but in ___________ areas they are not so good.

4          Special areas

Use these words to complete the sentences:

baggage reclaim         picnic              play

no-smoking                 reception         special

  1. There’s a __________ area at most airports where you can watch aircraft taking off and landing.
  2. Visitors should wait in the__________ area until met by an attendant.
  3. All restaurants should have a __________ area.
  4. Animals are not allowed in the children’s__________ area.
  5. Please remove all litter from the__________ area when you leave.
  6. We had to wait a long time in the__________ area for our luggage to arrive.

Note the following:

After the party the room was a disaster area with dirty plates and glasses lying all over the place.


Ex 1:

  1. knows 2. touring 3. covers 4. policing 5. avoid 6. developing 7. destroyed

Ex 2:

l into                2. over             3. off               4. in

5 in                  6. to                 7. from             8. outside

Ex 3:

1 deprived        2. surrounding            3. immediate        4.     remote

5 built-up        6. restricted                   7. disaster             8. rural

Ex 4:

1 special          2. reception                 3. no-smoking             4. play

5 picnic            6. baggage reclaim

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