Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: Ban



1          Verb + ban

Use the correct form of these verbs:

announce        defy       impose

introduce         lift        support

  1. The Football Association __________ a three-match ban on the player for unprofessional behaviour.
  2. Thousands of students __________ the ban on political meetings. They held a mass demonstration in the main square demanding freedom of speech and free elections.
  3. After the failure of the pay negotiations, the union __________ a ban on overtime.
  4. The government will __________ the ban on fishing for scallops when scientists assure them that the shellfish are safe to eat.
  5. Do you remember which airline was the first to __________ a smoking ban on all its flights?
  6. All delegates except the Japanese __________ the worldwide ban on whaling.

2          A complete ban on something

Complete the sentences below with these ideas:

land mines                          tobacco advertising

the trade in ivory            sale of handguns

using e-mail                      human cloning

  1. From Monday there is to be a total ban on __________ for personal purposes in office time. Anyone caught booking flights, for example, will be dismissed on the spot.
  2. Thousands of children lost limbs in the aftermath of the war. All political parties are calling for a ban on the production and use of __________ .
  3. In the aftermath of Dunblane and the American high school shootings, there were calls for a complete ban on the __________ .
  4. In order to discourage young people from smoking, many western governments have imposed a blanket ban on __________ .
  5. Many famous biologists believe that there should be an outright ban on __________ .
  6. The African elephant is only surviving today because of the worldwide ban on __________ .

Go back and underline all the expressions meaning a complete ban.

3          Put + a ban on

Notice the difference between these sentences:

  1. They’ve banned the advertising of alcohol.
  2. They’ve put a ban on the advertising of alcohol.

Change the following sentences so that they follow the pattern of sentence 2:

  1. They’ve banned the sale of alcohol at the match.
  2. They’ve banned the importing of UK lamb.
  3. They’ve banned all flights into North Korea.
  4. They’ve banned the sale of pornography.


1.         In 1-2 ‘ignored’ is also possible.

2.         Note the use of ‘banned’ as an adjective:

His gold medal was taken away from him when his tests proved that he had been using a banned substance.

He was arrested for belonging to a banned political party.

3.         A ‘test ban treaty’ is an agreement between countries to stop testing nuclear weapons.

4.         Here is a common use of ‘ban’ as a verb:

He was banned from driving for three years.



Ex 1:

1 imposed        2. defied          3. announced   4. lift

5 introduce      6. supported

Ex 2:

1 using e-mail                          2. land mines                  3. sale of handguns

4 tobacco advertising              5. human cloning         6. the trade in ivory

complete = total, blanket, outright, worldwide

Ex 3:

  1. They’ve put a ban on the sale of alcohol at the match.
  2. They’ve put a ban on the import of UK lamb.
  3. They’ve put a ban on all flights into North Korea.
  4. They’ve put a ban on the sale of pornography.

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