Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: Benefit



1          Verb + benefit

Use the correct form of these verbs:

bring                     derive

feel                          reap

include                 outline


  1. Tourism has _________ many benefits to the area.
  2. I want to say that I’m against the building of this new centre. I think the risks of the scheme _________ any potential benefits.
  3. Book your holiday with us. The benefits _________ full medical cover while you’re abroad.
  4. Too many children from poor social backgrounds don’t _________ much benefit from school. => No, I know what you mean. I didn’t get much benefit from my days at school either.
  5. The doctor said that I would start to _________ the benefits of the new treatment in a few months’ time.
  6. There’s an article in this morning’s paper _________ the benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables every day.
  7. Joanne is now a millionaire. She’s finally _________ the benefits of all those years of writing.

2          Benefit + of + noun

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

education        exercise           hard work

helmet             scheme              organic food

  1. He’s just beginning to see the benefits of all his _________ and dedication.
  2. Most cyclists are fully aware of the safety benefits of wearing a _________ .
  3. Getting a good job was easy as I had the benefit of a university _________ .
  4. The report of the town planners emphasised the likely benefits of the new traffic _________, but said little about the costs.
  5. My two unmarried aunts have been keen swimmers ever since they read about the benefits of regular _________ .
  6. I’m a great believer in the benefits of _________ . Most of the things we eat today are full of preservatives and chemicals.

Go back and underline the full expressions.

 3         Benefit ( payment)

Complete the sentences below with the following:

welfare            housing           unemployment

fringe              child                   means-tested

  1. In the UK all families with children under 18 years of age are entitled to _________ benefit.
  2. Our neighbor lost his job ten years ago and he’s been claiming _________ benefit ever since.
  3. A company car and first-class air travel are the main _________ benefits I get in my job.
  4. Everyone used to get child benefit – irrespective of income. Now we’re changing to a system of ________            benefits. Some people think it’s fairer.
  5. I’m afraid you’ll have to pay the full rent for the flat. You’re not eligible for _________ benefit.
  6. All employees have to pay into a fund for _________ benefits such as unemployment and sickness pay.


1.         Note how we describe a lot of benefit:

You need to take these pills for three or more weeks to get the full benefit

The new reward scheme will be of great benefit to our customers.

We want you to get maximum benefit from your course. These new laws will have far-reaching benefits for single-parent families.

The benefit to the local economy will be incalculable.

2.         If you ‘give somebody the benefit of the doubt’, it means you accept what they say even though you think they may be wrong or lying.

3.         Notice these ways of speaking enthusiastically about benefits:

His book extols the benefits of vegetarianism.

He’s always waxing lyrical about the benefits of bathing in icy cold water – even in winter!

4.         Notice the prepositions in these expressions:

Look, this plan will make us thousands! You can’t say no. It’s to our mutual benefit.

She repeated the instructions again for my benefit. (just for me)


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Ex 1:

  1. brought 2. outweigh 3. include 4. derive 5. feel 6. outlining 7. reaping

Ex 2:

  1. hard work 2. helmet 3. education 4. scheme 5. exercise 6. organic food

Ex 3:

1 child                        2. unemployment     3. fringe

4 means-tested         5. housing                  6. welfare

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