Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: Change


1          Verb + change

Use the correct form of these verbs:

accept              bring about                 make

resist                plan                                 undergo

  1. I’ve ___________ a few minor changes to your speech. I hope you think I’ve improved it!
  2. A lot of people find it hard to___________ change. >Yes, it’s surprising how many of us tend to ___________  any kind of change to the way we live.
  3. The government’s latest advertising campaign is an attempt to ___________ a change in the way we think about the environment.
  4. Medicine has ___________ huge changes in the past 50 years due to the discovery of DNA.
  5. The government are ___________ some fairly major changes to the education system over the next couple of years.

2          Common adjective collocations

Complete the sentences below with the following:

last-minute                  minor              noticeable

proposed                     sweeping         welcome

  1. Yes, let’s eat out tonight. It’ll be a___________ change from cooking!
  2. My father’s condition still remains critical. There’s been no ___________ change in his condition for several days now.
  3. I don’t mind it if you change things if you give us plenty of notice, but I really object to these ___________ changes.
  4. Have you seen the revised plans? The ___________ changes to the building will cost us millions!
  5. The problems of the health service won’t be solved by making ___________ changes. It needs ___________ changes throughout the whole system.

3          Expressions with prepositions

Use a suitable preposition in these sentences:

  1. Life is so hectic these days. It’s so difficult to keep up with the rapid pace ___________ change.
  2. It’s clear that the present system is no longer working and there is a definite need ___________ change.
  3. Television is one of the main instruments___________ political change in the world today.
  4. It’s not true that elderly people are always resistant ___________ change.
  5. Public opinion is shifting in favour ___________ change.
  6. There could never be a better time to act than now. The organisation is ripe ___________ change.

4          Change + preposition + noun

Now complete these sentences with a noun:

address            attitude            the law

plan                 venue                  weather

  1. There’s been a change of ___________.We’re leaving on Monday instead of Tuesday.
  2. If buses are to replace cars, there’ll need to be a complete change in our ___________ to public transport.
  3. I’ve notified the post office of our change of ___________- so we should get our mail all right.
  4. The hall has been double-booked, so please note the change of ___________ for the party.
  5. A lot of us were caught out by the sudden change in the ___________. I wish I’d taken an umbrella!
  6. The proposed change in ___________ would make abortion illegal again.

1.         Note the common expression:

Let’s go out tonight – for a change.

2.         Note that we use great, major, sweeping and drastic to talk about big changes.

3.         If you have a ‘change of heart’, it means you change your attitude to something.

I’ve had a change of heart. I’m not resigning!

4.         If you go away for the night, you need a ‘change of clothes’.


Ex 1:

  1. made      2.accept, resist         3.bring about     4. undergone       5. planning

Ex 2:

  1. welcome      2. noticeable         3. last-minute        4. proposed     5. minor, sweeping

Ex 3:

  1. of 2. for 3. of     4. to     5. of     6. for

Ex 4:

  1. plan 2. attitude 3. address 4. venue 5. weather 6. the law
Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: Change
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